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Through the collaboration of Triangle Group Co Ltd, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Beijing Research and Design Institute of Rubber Industry, the "National engineering laboratory for the design and manufacture of tire" has been set up.

By incorporating the expertise of production and research & development of the above parties, the laboratory aims at developing tire technology that suits China's needs in the future.

The demand for high performance tire is enormous because of the rapid development in automotive, aviation and national defense industry. Based on the "design theory of tire performance in dynamic simulation", the national engineering laboratory will develop an integrated system with advanced testing equipment and leading research teams, thus becoming the forefront of innovation and the platform of applications.

The macromolecular material research team of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Beijing University of Chemical Technology paid a visit to Weihai, China, from September 14-16. Both parties have agreed on the research & development on four topics: testing platform for tire performance in dynamic simulation, new nano lamination composition technology, formula one racing tires and airplanes tires.
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