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Starlinger says its ad*starKON conversion line can produce up to 60 sacks per minute
Starlinger says its ad*starKON conversion line can produce up to 60 sacks per minute
Austria-based Starlinger & Co GmbH will exhibit its ad*starKON 60 sack conversion line at the upcoming CHINAPLAS 2012 for bag converters to look at a fully automated process of sack conversion by means of hot air sealing technology.

Starlinger states that the AD*STAR concept combines three advantages into its product: the brick shape and suitability for automatic handling of the paper bag, the tightness and flexibility of a PE film bag and the strength and resistance of a woven PP bag.

Made of coated woven polypropylene fabric, the brick-shaped AD*STAR sacks are suited to the high degree of automation which Starlinger says is the characteristic for filling dry bulk goods such as cement, fertilizer and chemicals, or foodstuffs like rice and other grains. The woven structure, according to the company, creates exceptional strength and reliably protects the packaged goods against spilling and moisture. AD*STAR sacks also weigh much less than the paper or polyethylene film sacks used in the same applications, which means that less raw material is needed for production.

In addition to material saving, AD*STAR sacks are produced without using glue. Instead, the coating on the fabric is plastically softened by applying hot air to bond the valve and bottom patches to the sack, explains Starlinger.

According to the company, the ad*starKON conversion line can produce up to 60 sacks per minute with an efficiency of more than 85%, thereby achieving an output of 22 million sacks per year. Machine-oriented operation with touch screen, an integrated quality assurance system and semiautomatic roll changeover ensure a smooth production process with reduced waste and high efficiency.

To avoid pin holes in the fabric, the conversion line is standard equipped with a magnetic transport system. Starlinger notes that an optional microperforation unit can be added for packaging highly aerated goods without product emission.
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