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A future automobile cockpit without buttons and switches will be a highlight at Engel's booth at NPE 2012 <i>(Image source: Magna)</i>
A future automobile cockpit without buttons and switches will be a highlight at Engel's booth at NPE 2012 (Image source: Magna)
Engel Austria GmbH is to present seven highly integrated and automated manufacturing cells for industries ranging from automotive, technical molding to packaging and medical at NPE 2012 through its representative office in the US.

Engel will present an injection molded automotive cockpit created for the future, where control functions can be activated via the center console in the simulation cell, which Engel will present in cooperation with Magna Exterior & Interior Systems from Germany.

Functions can be activated with a light touch on one of the functional elements below the completely closed surface. In addition, Engel says its clearmelt technology and the integration of a capacitive foil via in-mold labeling allow vehicle controls to be just as elegant as smartphone controls in the future. "This trend not only gives interior designers a new level of freedom; it also reduces the costs of producing functional elements," stresses Mark Sankovitch, President of Engel North America.

"We are already talking to various OEMs and automotive companies. In four to five years the first vehicles will be equipped with this sensitive surface technology," adds Franz Füreder, Head of Engel automotive at the company's headquarters in Austria.

The center consoles with a sensitive surface will be manufactured at NPE on an Engel duo 350 injection molding machine. According to the company, it will be the first showing of this new machine size in the US. Other project partners include: mold maker Schöfer from Austria; polyurethane technology provider Hennecke from Germany; function foils supplier plastic electronic in Austria.

For the medical industry, one of the exhibits to be presented by Engel will be an all-electric Engel e-motion 180 T WP combi which will produce components for auto-injectors in a two-component injection molding process with a servo electrical 16+16 cavity index platen mold. An Engel easix multiple-axis robot which will remove parts and deposit them in trays will make its debut in the US. Engel says it is completely integrated in the CC 200-control of an Engel injection molding machine, and can also be fully integrated without Euromap 67-interface.

The all-electric Engel e-motion 100 T injection molding machine, another exhibit of Engel for the medical industry, will produce polystrolele needle holders for safety syringes with a 16-cavity precision mold from Fostag, Switzerland.

The exhibit for technical molding will be a compact tie-bar-less Engel victory 1050H/500W/200 combi machine equipped with a six-axis robot which will produce complex three-component hollow parts in a single working step.

From its elast/LIM-product program Engel will display an Engel e-victory 310/130 LSR US, on which medical-technical membranes made out of liquid silicone will be produced.

For the packaging industry, Engel will produce caps for newly developed ice cream boxes with thin-wall technique in a two component injection molding process and with in-mold-labeling on an all-electric Engel emotion 740H/310W/180 T combi machine. The other exhibit for this field will be an Engel e-cap 3440/460 US.

In addition, viper 12 robots will be shown as stand-alone machines.
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