Introduction of Guest Speakers (Names not listed in order):

Ting Liu, Dean of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute

Personal Profile:
Liu Ting is a Doctor of Engineering, a professorate senior engineer, an expert who received special allowances of the State Council and a visiting scholar of University of Maryland, the US. Dedicated to promoting the application of new materials for home appliances, he is currently the dean of China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute, and Head of Advanced Materials and Components R&D Promotion Center. He won the second class prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and the first class award of China Light union scientific and technological progress award.


Xundao Yuan, Executive Vice President of Qingdao China Institute of Applied Chemical Technology

Topic: Development of new polymer materials and their application in home appliances

The presentation will focus on the research and development of new high molecular and composite materials at Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences. The features and applications of multiple new high molecular materials will be introduced. The possibility of their applications for home appliances industry will also be discussed.

Personal Profile:
Yuan Xundao, Male, 50 years old. He obtained a Master degree in Materials and Structural Chemistry. He is a researcher at Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Deputy Dean at Qingdao China Institute of Applied Chemical Technology.


Tianyi Zhang, GM Assistant, Zhuhai GREE Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
GM Assistant, Zhuhai GREE Intelligent Equipment Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Topic: Smart manufacturing and digital factory

Personal Profile:
Sept, 2001 ~ Jun, 2005 Graduated from Hefei University of Technology, majoring in processing equipment and control engineering;
Aug, 2007 ~ Jan, 2018 Director of product design, Commercial air conditioning technology, Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai;
Jan, 2018 ~ Present GM Assistant, Zhuhai GREE Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. / GM Assistant, Zhuhai GREE Intelligent Equipment Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.


Zhi Xue, Product Planning Director of Wentai Communication Co., Ltd.

Topic: New trend of smart phone shell materials in the era of full screen

In the full screen age and the future of the next 5G era, there are some new changes phone casing materials and technology, and a number of new requirements for the plastic injection molding industry.

Personal Profile:
Xue Zhi, born in 1982, holds a master's degree in Shanghai Jiao tong University. 13 years of experience in R&D and product planning in the mobile phone industry, participating in the planning of a number of smart phone bestsellers.


Xiaojing Huang, Renowned Design Strategist and Trend Expert, Strategy Director of YANG DESIGN, founder of Design Strategy Institution

Personal Profile:
Xiaojing Huang studied in Guangzhou and Berlin from experience design expert and has rich experience in product strategy, user study, service design, brand DNA and trend study. As strategic director of YANG DESIGN, the most forward-looking design consultancy in China, she has been leading the strategic team to build the UX Lab, CMF Lab and Service Design Lab, defining design strategy to realize business value for companies in different development stages. Her clients are leading brands including Boeing, BMW, GM, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, KIA, Samsung, Fujitsu, BOSE, Schneider Electric, Hitachi, Haier and Unilever.
Winner of Red Dot Design Award, IDEA and Design For Asia Silver Award. Writer of China Design Trends Report, Lifestyle Aesthetic Business Trend Report, China Home Trend Report and China Sub-culture Lifestyle Report, and design column writer magazines including md. Invited speaker and judge of many design events including TEDx, Color Marketing Group, Zoom Smart Cities, CareShow, Semiofest. Ranked as influential China Young by Linkedin.


Liqi Tan, MES Product Expert and Delivery Director of Zhiyun Cloud Division

Topic: Chinese manufacturing enterprise intelligent manufacturing practice sharing

Several Chinese manufacturing enterprises will share their experiences and discuss on the challenges, development planning and implementation process of smart manufacturing. A case study of a Chinese smart manufacturing enterprise will also be presented.

Personal Profile:
Liqi Tan With 14-year of experience in manufacturing information, he is now the MES Product Expert and Delivery Director at Zhiyun Cloud Divisionat. Focusing on the research on lean management and intelligent production, he develops the world's leading and comprehensive smart manufacturing solutions for Chinese manufactures. He was a senior consultant at a lean consulting firm, director of implementation department and director of pre-sales solutions at an IT company.


Mr. Diego Kuo, R&D+D Vice President. of Chunmi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Topic: The essential "plastics" for development of smart products

Many innovative smart products with high-tech connectivity functions have been introduced in the past few years, demonstrating the fast development of smart technologies. In line with this trend, what are the impacts of emerging smart products on the developments of plastics technologies? How can we deal with the challenges?

Personal Profile:
In 2001, Diego Moved to DOMUS Academy in Milan, Italy, where he started his career as a product designer; over the last 10 years he focused on the design and promotion of smart devices in mainland China.


Dahua Cao, Director of the Institute of Life Electrical Materials Technology, Midea Group (TBD) Life Electric Appliance Department

Topic: Lightweight design and development trend analysis of wall breaking machine

Personal Profile:
Dahua Cao obtained a master degree of Materials Processing Engineering at South China University of Technology in 2004. He is committed to the research on materials related to 3C and home appliances and their engineering applications. In addition, he has profound understanding on metal and high molecular materials and their surface processing. Currently, he is responsible for the research on new materials and new processing technologies for small home appliances at Midea Group (TBD) Life Electric Appliance.


Peng Liu, Chief Engineer of Hefei Meiling Co., Ltd.

Topic: The developments of sealing technologies for refrigerators

Energy saving is the hotspot of home appliances industry. Conventional technologies like polyurethane insulation and refrigeration have reached a bottleneck. Therefore, it is important to develop advanced sealing technologies. The key application of sealing technologies for refrigerators is the door seal strip. We will analyze the insulation property of door seal strip from three perspectives: structural, compensatory and heat conduction impacts.

Personal Profile:
Liu Peng was born in September, 1987. Holding master degree, he was graduated from the School of Resources and Environment at Hefei University of Technology in June, 2011. He is currently the Chief Engineer at Institute for research and application of new materials of Hefei Meiling Co.,Ltd.and responsible for the development of insulation materials such as polyurethane foaming technology, sealing technology and vacuum insulated panels.


Jianchun Dong, CMF Design Manager of Shenzhen Transsion Holdings Limited

Topic: The new elements of CMF for smartphone case aesthetics in the era of 5G

What are CMF design and its relationship with technology development? What are the development trends of smartphones and their case aesthetics in the era of 5G?

Personal Profile:
Jianchun Dong has 13-year experience of product development and CMF design, and worked for leading companies including Coolpad, Lenovo, LETV, etc.
- Participated in the design of Coolpad 728 after graduation, being the head designer of accessories. (Coolpad 728 was the first smartphone with dual mode dual standby features launched globally in 2006)
- Organized the development of processing technologies such as IMT, 3D composite materials, metal plastic gold, CNLL imitate metals, stainless steel highly polished case, etc.
- Being the CMF head designer of K series and P series of Lenovo
- Awarded the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2013.


Feng Wei, Materials Research Director of Technical Center, AnHui Higasket Plastics Co., Ltd.

Topic: The applications of elastomers in white home appliances

This presentation mainly introduces the applications of elastomers in white home appliances such as sealing strips of refrigerators, sealing rings and damping absorber of drying machines and dishwasher, etc. The properties and advantages of these materials will be discussed. In addition, the development trends of elastomers in the home appliance industry will also be analyzed.

Personal Profile:
Feng Wei was born in August, 1983 and graduated from Faculty of Chemistry at Shandong University of Technology. Currently, he is the materials engineer of AnHui Higasket Plastics Co., Ltd. and responsible for the development of white sealing strips for home appliances.


Wenya Yang, Director of Shenzhen Xinhao Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

Topic: A new life for plastic: Comparisons and suggestions on IMF and related processing technologies

In the coming era of 5G, plastic has once again come under the spotlight. Due to different market needs and higher requirements on the appearances of consumer electronics, lML/lMT/lMF and related processing technologies have become more and more popular. As one of the leading companies in the sector, Shenzhen Xinhao Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has extensive experience in these technologies. The company will compare different technologies and present some feasible solutions.

Personal Profile:
Graduated from Jiangxi Aeronautical Institute in 2003, Wenya Yang was the Quality Engineer at Foxconn from 2003 to 2005 and the Quality Manager who was responsible for manufacturing innovation at Lens Technology from 2005 to 2007. Wenya Yang has been the person-in-charge of IML/IMT/IMF department at Shenzhen Xinhao Precision Technology Co., Ltd. since 2008.


Jianxin Liu, Injection Project Specialist of Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd.

Topic: Thoughts on the operation of injection molding

For injection molding production, the most important element is remote control. From a macro perspective, the production process involves human, machine, material and methodology. However, from a micro perspective, it involves many complicated details that have to be shown with data. Let's think about the four dimensions of injection molding production, and create values.

Personal Profile:
Experienced in frontline production, and worked in enterprises including BYD, NYPRO, etc.


Tingting Li, Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai, CMF Vice-Directors of Industrial Design Center

Topic: Case study on CMF innovation for air conditioners

With the topic "Case study on CMF innovation for air conditioners", she will share some innovative CMF design methods and the development trends of air conditioners through real life case studies.

Personal Profile:
Tingting Li was graduated from Visual Arts School of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute College of Technology and Art. She has been responsible for the research and development of CMF since she joined Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai in 2011. Currently, she is the CMF Vice-Directors of Industrial Design Center.


Flory Zhang, Chief Engineer of Joyoung Company Limited

Topic: A discussion on safety of materials for kitchen appliances

In recent years, the national standards have introduced major changes in safety of materials for kitchen appliances. Based on material safety standards and management, the presentation will discuss the solutions for better material safety throughout the whole supply chain.

Personal Profile:
Guowei Zhang was graduated with major in material science. After his graduation, he joined Joyoung Co., Ltd. in 2007, and is now responsible for the materials standardization and safety management of the company.


Peter Chen, COO of Jinyoung, Jinyoung (Xiamen) Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

Topic: Jinyoung Modified Material, Leading the Intelligent New Life

In home appliance industry, the plastic materials are not only required for mechanical property and flame retardant property, the requirement of scratch resistance, weather resistance, and color are becoming more and more obvious and urgent. As the representative of Jinyoung material the spraying-free, high gloss scratch resistance and flame retardant material, have realized the perfect combination of material usability and appearance performance, it makes home appliances not only as a tool to let our life more convenient, but also decorating our life.

Personal Profile:
Mr. Peter Chen, COO of Jinyoung, was graduated from EDP president class of Xiamen University. With more than 10 years' experience on management in advanced polymer material industry, he had been as a sales director for a foreign listed company for nearly 10 years.


Yifeng Li, Senior Engineer, Ningbo Shuangma Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

Topic: Application of Central Clamping System in 3c Part Production

Introduce the histroy of cental clamping system, the application case study, and the latest product for 3c industry.

Personal Profile:
Has many years of experience in R & D, application and management of plastic; machinery and equipment, who has worked as an application engineer and sales director in Milacron, DESMA etc. He has also been in the field of all electric injection molding machines, with rich application technology and project development experience.


Austin Ye, Strategic Marketing & BD Manager-E/E and General Industries, Radici Plastics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Topic: Application of Radici High Performance Engineering Materials in Home Appliance

Personal Profile:
Brief Introduction:
Feb. 2018 – Present Radici Plastics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Position: Strategic Marketing & BD Manager-E/E and General Industries,
Responsible for the market development using high performance engineering materials in E/E and general industries.
Jul.2017 – Feb. 2018 Bosch Automotive Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Position: Plastics Expert
Responsible for: Engineering material evaluation, selection, process optimization and problem solving.
Nov. 2010 – Oct. 2017 EMS-CHEMIE (Suzhou) Ltd.
Position: AD & CATS supervisor
Responsible for: Application development and technical service.
Before 2010, Grundfos R&D, Danone waters
Education Background:
Sep. 2004 – Sep. 2006 Zhejiang University Master
Sep. 1998 – Sep. 2002 Zhengzhou University Bachelor


Christy Yu, Specialty Polymers – Market Developer, Exxonmobil

Topic: Innovation with Santoprene™ TPV for 40 Years in Sealing System

Personal Profile:
Bachelor from East China University of Science and Technology, currently Market Developer in Specialty Polymers. After 3 year experience in customer technical supporting, now she is focus on Santoprene TPV in industrial and consumer application development.


Andy Chen, Director of JEA Technology Marketing Center, Dongguan Jea Polymer Technology Co., Ltd.

Topic: The Application of New TPE Adhesive Materials in the Field of Household Appliances

The wide application prospect of TPE adhesive materials in various industries is briefly introduced through pictures and narration. And flourish in the field of home appliances. How to improve the technology of wrapping glue skillfully. The quality of electrical products. Thus improve the added value and originality of products. At the same time, the research and development direction of the elastomer industry is also preliminary described.

Personal Profile:
Director of JEA Technology Marketing Center. Engaged in plastic modification industry sales for more than 10 years, with rich industry experience. Have unique views on the application of new materials. Especially good at cooperating with customers to design comprehensive plastic solutions. To meet customer product development needs.


Kevin Li, CEO, Shenzhen Multiplus Machinery Co., Ltd.

Topic: A Step Foward to Plastics Industry 4.0,Turn-key Solution of Rapid & Low-volume Manufacturing (3D Printing+Rapid Tooling + Micro Injection Molding) to accelate 3C product development & customization

Plastics Indistry 4.0 is good to meet the market for cusomization. Rapid & Low-volume manufacturing is a solution for plastics industry 4.0. See how we apply 3D printing and rapid tooling and micro injection molding for product development and injection molding for 3C products.

Personal Profile:
From 2008-- today, Chairman & CEO, Shenzhen Multiplus Machinery Co., Ltd.
In 2000, Graduated from Guangdong University of Technology, Bachelor Degree in Mechnical Engineering. Working experience in the famous multi-national companies including Melchers, Milacron & Berry Plastics, responsible for sales and business development for the plastics machineries & packaging products in domestic and the US market.


Juergen Feil, Head of Engineering & Design Appliance Industry, Kiefel GmbH

Topic: In-line Thermoforming Machines with Forming and Cutting in Place, for High Speed Production of Door-liners of Refrigerators

KIEFEL KID BFS The new compact in-line thermoforming machine KIEFEL KID BFS, with forming and cutting in place, has been developed for the production of door-liners of refrigerators at higher speeds. This high-end thermoforming machine with vacuum-pressure forming technology enables the molding and then the immediate sequential cutting of the part in one step, reducing a lot the cycle time. Besides that, the machine has been designed with a modular concept to suit different customer market demands. The machine can be fitted with fully automatic tool change system, an integrated grinding station for recycling management, and features ready for the industry 4.0.

Personal Profile:
Mr. Jürgen Feil was born on 14.07.1964 in the city of Laufen - Germany, graduated engineer. He has been working in the company Kiefel GmbH since 1991, a reputed German manufacturer of high efficiency inline thermoforming machines. He started in the company as a design engineer of machines and equipment, development of processes for special thermoforming machines. Holder of multiple patents in this field, has remarkable talent and expertise in design / problem solving for special applications, in both machines and tools. Currently holds the position of Head of Engineering & Design for Automotive and Appliance Industry.


Yuliang Chen, ROBOSHOT SALES DIV Account Manager , Shanghai-Fanuc Robotics Co., Ltd.

Topic: FANUC and Intelligent Manufacturing

For household appliances industry, introduce FANUC ROBOSHOT's IoT.
Include LINKi's management of injection process and docking with MES system.
IMM and robot with visual system linkage, IMM and peripheral equipment communication, VNC function and so on.

Personal Profile:
More than ten years working in Fanuc Ltd, and has a deep understanding of FANUC ROBOSHOT's software and hardware functions and injection automation matching programs.


Victor Chong, Pre-Sales and Application Engineer, Stratasys Shanghai Ltd.

Topic: 3D Printing Drives Design Innovation

Personal Profile:
Victor Chong —Pre-Sales and Application Engineer, South China

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