Date: 7-8 Dec, 2017  
Place: Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai
1177 Wanghai Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, 518067, China
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CHINAPLAS Guangdong Plastics Industry Association Committee of the Plastic Household Products of China Plastics Processing Industry Association
Conference scale
Over 100 industry leaders, experts from the government and industry associations
Over 300 local and overseas top professionals from additives and compounding industries
2 modules, 22+ expert presentations, 30+ latest products showcase
Automotive, home appliance, 3C Electronics, medical, construction, packaging, optical, cables, aerospace, rail, sports & leisure, toys, furniture, water treatment, etc;
Compounding supplier and processors;
Experts from the government, industry associations and research institutes;
Chemical and raw materials/machinery and equipments suppliers.
"The Conference marks the beginning of the partnership between Adsale and SPE in China, bringing together the leaders in additives, compounding and other application sectors.

The Conference offers an unprecedented opportunity for attendees from reputable brand owners and converters to meet face-to-face with the leading technology providers and experts to gather global knowledge.

We look forward to meeting you in Shenzhen!"
Mr. Stanley Chu
Adsale Group
  Mr. Patrick Farrey
Society of Plastics Engineer (SPE)
  Mr. Raed AI-Zubi
Society of Plastics Engineer (SPE)
Introduction of Guest Speakers (Names not listed in order)
Shou Chen, Chairman, Shenzhen Modern Material Association
Topic: An Analysis of The National Policy for The Insurance Compensation Mechanisms of Highlighted New Materials

Personal Profile:
Senior Visiting Scholar, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Vice President, China Plastics Processing Industry Association
Director, China Association for Standardization
International Expert, International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC122/SC4
Chen Shou received his Master of Science at University of Science and Technology of China and his EMBA at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is the visiting professor of various universities and research institutes. He was the Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Beauty Star Co., Ltd.
Wenguang Wang, Secretary General, Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association
Topic: Analysis of Latest Technologies for Low VOC Modified Plastics

Personal Profile:
Wenguang Wang was graduated from Dalian Polytechnic University, majoring in polymer science in 1985. He has been a professor level senior engineer since 2004. Wenguang Wang is a renowned expert in the polymer modification area. He has published 28 theses and 8 academic journals. He was granted 4 patents and had 10 new products put into commercial production. Wenguang Wang is the current General Secretary of Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association and a visiting professor in Shenzhen University.
Yuming Xiong, Senior Research Scientist/Director of Materials Research Laboratory, Corporate Research Center, Midea Group
Report: The Innovative Applications of Smart Materials for Home Appliances

Personal Profile:
Yuming Xiong is a senior material engineer. He is the Chief of Material Technology Laboratory of the Midea Group Central Research Center, as well as the Subcommittee on Materials and Coating in the Group.
Yuming Xiong has joined Midea Group since 2014. He is responsible for the organization of the Laboratory and pioneer material research projects such as surface cleaning, air purification, sterilization, smart and functional materials, etc.
After receiving his doctor's degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2004, Yuming Xiong had worked as professor and researcher in various international universities and research institutes.
Weimin Yang, Changjiang Scholars/Distinguished Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Topic: The Developments of 3D Copy and Product Appearance Treatment for Polymer Materials

Personal Profile:
Prof. Weimin Yang is New Yangtze River Scholar Incentive Program Phd, Professor, PhD Supervisor, and Distinguished Professor of "New Yangtze River Scholar Incentive Program". He's the leader of polymer materials processing and advanced manufacturing innovation team. His main research fields include: plastics precision molding and automotive plastics manufacturing; tire optimization design and advanced manufacturing; melt-electro spinning and microfibre manufacturing; energy-saving and environmental application of polymer and green manufacturing, etc.
Tongkao Xu, Vice President, China Plastics Industry Association Modified Plastics Special Committee
Topic: The Case Studies and Development Trends: Applications of Inorganic Mineral Materials in Plastics Modifications

Personal Profile:
Tongkao Xu is a professor level senior engineer. He has developed 18 new products and received more than 30 national technology awards. He is an expert with superlative practical experience in plastic's filling and modification, and is reputable in the circle of material experts.
Dr.Lizhi Liu, The Chief Expert of Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
Topic: Fundamental Issues Related to Industry Applications of Polyolefin Blends

Personal Profile:
Dr.Lizhi Liu is also the distinguished expert of the National "Thousand Talents Program" and a part time professor in Beijing University of Chemical Technology. He has been the Chairman of the Committee of Polymer Materials at International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) since 2008. He was the senior research expert of Dow Chemical from 2002-2013. Since 2013, he has been working in the Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry at China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation.
Dr. Lizhi Liu has more than 30 years of research experience in polymer materials, including PE, PP, PU, EPDM, block copolymers, polyolefin nanocomposites, epoxy resins, engineering plastics (PA, PBT), biodegradable polymers (PLA、PBS、PBST), etc. He focuses on the relationship between optical, thermodynamics, mechanics, barrier properties and structures, and established many methodologies. In addition, he has done a lot of research on practical production problems for polymer films, fibers, nonwovens, blow molding products. He was also granted many international and US patents.
Bill (Yan) Qu, Ph.D., Board Chair of the Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
Topic: Large Scale of RGO Manufacture and Its Application in High Thermal Conductive Tape

Personal Profile:
Dr. Qu graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2006 with a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation he joined Advanced Micro Devices as Senior Product Development Engineer and was promoted to Member of Technical Staff in 2009. In 2010, he returned to China and founded The Sixth Element (Wuxi) and The Sixth Element (Changzhou). In Oct. 2014, the Sixth element issued IPO and stock code is 831190. It became the first public company in China which primary business is graphene. Dr. Qu is also the deputy dean of Jiangnan graphene Research Institute and visiting professor at Changzhou University. In 2013, Dr. Qu was elected to be the chair of the strategic alliance of technological innovation of graphene industry in Jiangsu Province. He has filed 32 graphene related patents of invention and 20 of them had been granted.
Linsheng Xie, Professor/Ph.D. supervisor, East China University of Science And Technology
Topic: The Research of Viscous Dissipative Melt Mixing Mechanism and Its Applications in Polymer Materials with Filled, Modified Functions

Personal Profile:
Linsheng Xie is a professor and Ph.D. supervisor in the East China University of Science and Technology. His research focuses on machinery and processing technologies for polymer materials. He is the member of the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association Expert Committee as well as the China Plastics Processing Industry Association Expert Committee. He has achieved many breakthroughs in the processing technologies for high filled modified composites and continuous mixing machinery.
Peng Xiao, The Leader of Ministry of General Plastic, Kingfa Sci.& Tech. Co., Ltd
Topic: The Application of High Performance Plastics in Intelligent Home Appliance

Personal Profile:
Dr. XiaoPeng, senior engineer, the leader of ministry of general plastic of Kingfa SAC/TC297 commissioner, CQC technology committee.
Engaged in research and product development of polymer composite material in flame retardant technology, interface modification, enhanced toughening technology, as well as other series of functional polymer alloy technology, the development results used in home appliance, rail transportation, building materials, electrical products and tools, etc.
Mr. Stephen Chung, Executive Director and Group Chief Officer – Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Chen Hsong Group
Topic: Collaboration between New Materials and Injection Moulding Machines

Personal Profile:
Mr. Chung joined the Chen Hsong Group in 2001 and was appointed a Director of the Company in 2003. He also holds the position of Group Chief Officer – Strategy, Sales and Marketing. Mr. Chung holds directorships in certain subsidiaries of the Company. Mr. Chung holds a bachelor degree of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. He also holds an MBA degree in Finance from Columbia University, New York City, U.S.A.. Prior to joining the Chen Hsong Group, Mr. Chung had more than 14 years' experience in sales and marketing, management consultancy, financial analysis and information technology.
Johnny Qian, Asia Pacific Technology Group Leader, Specialty Plastics BU, Eastman Chemical Company
Topic: Eastman TRĒVATM Engineering Bioplastic – A Versatile, Cellulose-Based Thermoplastic that Marries High-Level Performance and Sustainability

Personal Profile:
Johnny holds a Ph.D. degree in Polymer Science from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science. Currently Dr. Qian is leading the technical support and application development of Specialty Plastics for Asia Pacific region. Dr. Qian has 10+ years of experience in polymeric materials application, development and commercialization. He has worked in Unilever and Philips for polymer materials development, design and application in different areas, including packaging materials, consumer goods, infant care products and medical industry.
Gavin Wang, Sales Director, Coperion (Nanjing) Machinery Co., Ltd.
Topic: Latest Developments of Coperion Twin Screw Compounder

Personal Profile:
2005 - 2011, Sales Manager
2012- 2014, Head of Process
2014 - Untill Now, Sales Director
I joined Coperion in 2005. I am deeply involved and specialized in Sales and Process.  I am quite professional with twin screw compounding technology.
Glory Chen, Manager of Yizumi Testing Center for New Materials and New Technologies
Topic: Innovation Shaping Your Dreams

Personal Profile:
Has over 15 years of experience in the plastics industry. He is responsible for the research and development of compound materials of plastics/fiber/rubber/let metal and lightweight technologies, so as to provide customers with solutions in parts, materials, molds, machines, auxiliary machinery, and automation.
Stanley Han, Business Development & Marketing Manager, AP, Milliken Enterprise Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Topic: Developing Trend and New Generation of Nucleation for Astonishing PP Performance

Personal Profile:
The speaker is the business development and marketing manager of Milliken, which is a highly innovation-oriented global company specializing in the area of plastic additives, specialty colors, specialty silicones and so on. He has over 10 years of experience regarding polyolefin in different markets, such as automotive, home appliance, household, packaging and so on. He is also rich in the experience in the market development and trend shaping in a bunch of new areas, such as high performance compounding materials for auto & appliance, ultra clear thermalforming PP packaging, thin-wall injection molding PP packaging and so on.
Yupeng Liu, Technical Director/Senior Engineer, Ningbo Shuangma Machinery Industry Co., Ltd
Topic: Application of Continuous Fiber Injection Moulding in Automotive Lightweight

Personal Profile:
Graduated from Harbin University of Scientist and Technology , Liu Yupeng has had over 15 years experience in the field of injection moulding machine and achieved over 30 grant patents. Among the patents, central clamping toggle wins the honor of national excellent invention, as the first producer in China. Leading the team, successfully developed world-first Carbon fiber Products intelligent Moulding Line (CIML), achieving a revolutionary breadthrough in the technology of carbon fiber reinforced plastic moulding.
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