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CHINAPLAS Guangdong Plastics Industry Association Committee of the Plastic Household Products of China Plastics Processing Industry Association
New Materials Through Additives and Compounding Conference & Showcase 2017 - Programme
(As of 23 Nov. 2017)
English-Chinese simultaneous interpretation service provided
7 December Morning Session 08:00-12:00
The Moderator: Dr. Weimin Yang  Changjiang Scholars / Distinguished Professor,
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
08:00 Audience Reception
Welcome Remarks Adsale Group - Stanley Chu,Chairman
  Society of Plastics Engineers- Mr. Raed AI-Zubi, President / Mr. Patrick Farrey,CEO
08:45 Economy,Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality
13th Five-Year Plan for new materials and the development in Shenzhen
09:00 Shenzhen Modern Material Association - Shou Chen,Chairman
An analysis of the national policy for the insurance compensation mechanisms of highlighted new materials
09:15 Society of Plastics Engineers
09:45 Kingfa Sci.&Tech. Co.,Ltd.- Peng Xiao, The Leader of Ministry of General Plastic
The application of High Performance Plastics in Intelligent Home Appliance
10:05 Coffee Break / Networking / Exhibition Visiting
10:35 Tupperware Brands Corporation - Mr. David kusuma, Vice President, Research and Product Innovation
Designing the future with new materials
11:05 The Chen Hsong Group - Mr. Stephen Chung,Executive Director and Group Chief Officer – Strategy, Sales and Marketing
Collaboration between New Materials and Injection Moulding Machines
11:25 Guangzhou Nanyang Cable Co.,Ltd. – Xiaodong Liu, Chief Engineer
An analysis of high voltage DC insulation materials solutions from the perspective of developments of cables and wires
11:55 Group photo
12:00 Networking Lunch(Presented by Society of Plastics Engineers - Mr. Patrick Farrey,CEO)
7 December Afternoon Parallel Modules 13:30-18:00
Module A: Better compounding and functional additives 
Hall A, The Moderator:
Linsheng Xie
13:30 Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association - Wenguang Wang,Secretary General
Analysis of latest technologies for low VOC modified plastics
13:55 Eastman Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.- Bing Guan, Application Development Manager, Asia, Specialty Plastics
Eastman TRĒVA™ Engineering Bioplastic – a versatile, cellulose-based thermoplastic that marries high-level performance and sustainability
14:15 East China University Of Science And Technology - Linsheng Xie, Professor/Ph.D. supervisor
The research of viscous dissipative melt mixing mechanism and its applications in polymer materials with filled, modified functions
14:40 Coperion (Nanjing) Machinery Co., Ltd. - Gavin Wang,Sales Director
Latest developments of Coperion Twin Screw Compounder
15:00 Coffee Break / Networking / Exhibition Visiting
15:30 Jining Leader Nano L.L.C - Dr. Shifeng Hou,Chairman
The prospect of the applications of graphene in polymer composites and automotive industry
15:55 Ningbo Shuangma Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. - Yupeng Liu, Technical Director / Senior Engineer
Application of continuous fiber injection moulding in automotive lightweight
16:15 Dongfeng Faurecia Automotive Exterior Co.,Ltd. - Haiming Sun, Composite Product Expert
The application trends of composite materials in automotive lightweighting
16:40 Performance Materials, UL China - May Li,Engineer Leader/ Certification Reviewer
UL innovation of Polymeric Relative Thermal Index( RTI) evaluation
17:00 China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation- Dr.Lizhi Liu,The Chief Expert of Beijing Research Institute Of Chemical Industry
The common problems of polyolefin blends in industrial applications
17:25 Brainstorm: What are the breakthroughs in the mixing technologies for modified plastics? How can functional additives and better mixing of modified plastics help the development of downstream application sectors such as the automotive sector?
  Other Guests: Shenzhen Yonggao Plastic Industry Development Co., Ltd. Guoan Liu, Vice General Manager
Module B: Plastic appearance, touch treatment innovations and new materials
Hall B, The Moderator:
Tongkao Xu
13:30 Beijing University of Chemical Technology - Dr. Weimin Yang,Changjiang Scholars / Distinguished Professor
The developments of 3D copy and product appearance treatment for polymer materials
13:55 Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.- Glory Chen, Manager of Yizumi Testing Center for New Materials and New Technologies
Innovation Shaping Your Dreams
14:15 The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology Co., Ltd.- Dr. Yan Qu,Chairman
Large scale of rGO manufacture and its application in high thermal conductive tape
14:40 Milliken Enterprise Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. - Stanley Han,Business Development & Marketing Manager, AP
Developing trend and new generation of nucleation for astonishing pp performance
15:00 Hopefinder Polymer SCI&TECH Co.,Ltd. – Liang Han,Marketing Director
15:25 Coffee Break / Networking / Exhibition Visiting
15:55 Midea Group – Dr.Yuming Xiong,Senior Research Scientist/Director of Materials Research Laboratory,Corporate Research Center
The application potential of smart materials in home appliance industry
16:20 Clariant Coatings (Shanghai) Ltd.– Peter R. Dufour, Senior Business Development Director
Paint-Free Solutions for Complex Molded Parts: Innovative Formulations that Reduces Flow Lines
16:40 Shenzhen Senior Technology Material Co., Ltd. – Bin Wang,CTO
17:05 China Plastics Industry Association Modified Plastics Special Committee - Tongkao Xu,Vice President
The case studies and development trends: applications of inorganic mineral materials in plastics modifications
17:30 Brainstorm:How to achieve more trendy product aesthetics and sense of touch by material formulations and processing technologies? How to ensure eco-friendliness and safety from the sources of materials?

Business matching service will be served whole day, the gala dinner will start from 19:10
8 December 08:30 Assemble at the hotel lobby, then visit Chen Hsong Group (Chen De Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd.) , (Shuttle bus arranged for Visitors)
Note. Adsale Publishing Ltd. (Adsale Group) reserves the right of final interpretation for the conference
Speech Outline
Shou Chen, Chairman, Shenzhen Modern Material Association
Topic: An Analysis of The National Policy for The Insurance Compensation Mechanisms of Highlighted New Materials

Speech Outline:
  • The notice on the national policy for the insurance compensation mechanisms of highlighted new materials was issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Finance and The China Insurance Regulatory Commission on 21 September, 2017
  • Insurance amount and rate: the limit of government subsidies is not more than 5 times of the contract amount, and the upper limit is RMB 500 million; the rate cannot exceed 3%. Compensation mechanism: eligible insurance companies can apply for the central government financial subsidy funds, and the subsidy amount is 80% of the annual premium for up to 3 years.
  • The support focuses on the following sectors: Support sectors: materials for electronic information, materials for new energy applications, bioplastics.
Competitive sectors: new functional materials, structural and functional integrated materials, materials for high performance films, functional polymer materials

Hi-tech sectors: graphene materials, 3D printing materials, metamaterials, new engineering plastics, high performance fibers and composite materials.
David Kusuma, Vice President, Research and Product Innovation, Tupperware Brands Corporation
Topic:Designing The Future with New Materials

Speech Outline:
Today's highly competitive market forces global companies to focus on premium and value-added products. An environment encouraging continuous discovery in design, engineering, and R&D vision is critical. This talk combines a deep understanding of consumer needs, coupled with research & innovation to develop emerging technologies in partnership with scientists, universities, and technology companies. It will also highlight the importance of creating new materials with enhanced functional performance objectives through specially developed additives when developing new products of the future.
Yumin Xiong, Senior Research Scientist/Director of Materials Research Laboratory, Corporate Research Center, Midea Group
Topic:The Application Potential of Smart Materials in Home Appliance Industry

Speech Outline:
Smart kitchens, smart home and smart home appliances are the emerging trends in every sectors of the home appliance industry, in which smart materials play a crucial role. The developments and applications of discoloration, self-healing, stimuli-responsive materials in home appliance industry will be introduced.
Weimin Yang, Changjiang Scholars/Distinguished Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Topic: The Developments of 3D Copy and Product Appearance Treatment for Polymer Materials

Speech Outline:
The polymer material 3D printing is an advanced technology to facilitate the higher precision and smart manufacturing of molding. When compared to 3D printing, it boosts production efficiency and has a higher potential for applications of "forming + property shaping". This report introduces the development of polymer material 3D printing base on high precision injection molding and smart manufacturing. Meanwhile, this report analyzes the rules of how 3D printing affects the product surfaces, as well as provides corresponding solutions.
Tongkao Xu, Vice President, China Plastics Industry Association Modified Plastics Special Committee
Topic:The Case Studies and Development Trends: Applications of Inorganic Mineral Materials in Plastics Modifications

Speech Outline:
This report introduces the innovative applications of inorganic mineral materials in plastics modifications, and lists many physical performance indicators and processing technologies. The practical experiences of processing, modifications and applications as well as the trends of inorganic powders are mentioned.
Linsheng Xie, Professor/Ph.D. supervisor, East China University of Science And Technology
Topic:The Research of Viscous Dissipative Melt Mixing Mechanism and Its Applications in Polymer Materials with Filled, Modified Functions

Speech Outline:
Fill modification of plastics is the most widely used modification method for plastics processing, and the disperse effect of functionally filling particles affects the properties of the blends directly. This report mainly discusses the study on melting and distribution behavior of particles, and suggests a rotor structure based on high stretch viscosity and dissipative melt blending which leads to the production of high performance filling modified polymer materials such as halogen-free flame retardant, antibacterial, and thermal conductive composite materials.
Lizhi Liu,The Chief Expert of Beijing Research Institute Of Chemical Industry,China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
Topic:The Common Problems of Polyolefin Blends in Industrial Applications

Speech Outline:
There are many types of polyolefin, and they have different structural properties. In fact, LLDPE is a very complicated blend. For polyethylene, it gets the required processing properties through blending. Therefore, it is important to study the common molecular structure, processing conditions and properties of polyolefin blends, such as compatibility, crystallization kinetics, vibratory stress, etc. This report focuses on some common problems and introduces the latest research of our team.
Yan Qu, Chairman,The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology Co., Ltd
Topic:Large Scale of RGO Manufacture and Its Application in High Thermal Conductive Tape

Speech Outline:
Reduced Graphene Oxide(rGO) attracts more and more industry attention as additives for composite materials. Relatively low cost and flexible chemical alternations make it suitable for both in situ synthesis and during plastic engineering. It shows good performance in strength enhancement, electronic conductivity and flame-retardant. This presentation summarized some graphene additives in the industry applications of PA6, PE and EPS etc.
Haiming Sun, Composite Product Expert, Dongfeng Faurecia Automotive Exterior Co.,Ltd
Topic:The Application Trends of Composite Materials in Automotive Lightweighting

Speech Outline:
To introduce the mass produced composite products of 佛吉亚, including plastic tailgate, front-end module, spoiler, spare tire storage, battery compartment cover, etc. By using the plastics technology, these products achieved breakthroughs in light-weighting and integration with good quality.
Xiaodong Liu, Chief Engineer, Guangzhou Nanyang Cable Co.,Ltd
Topic:An Analysis of High Voltage DC Insulation Materials Solutions from The Perspective of Developments of Cables and Wires

Speech Outline:
High voltage DC insulation cables are the key products for high power transmission of large power grids and large scale applications of new energy. The properties of high voltage DC insulation materials such as DC conductivity, space charge characteristics and high cleanliness, and advanced extrusion technologies lead to improved solutions.
Shifeng Hou,Chairman, Jining Leader Nano L.L.C
Topic:The Prospect of The Applications of Graphene in Polymer Composites and Automotive Industry

Speech Outline:
Compared to other carbon materials, graphene large specific surface area, high conductivity, good chemical stability, these excellent properties of graphene have the characteristics to form various graphene-polymer composites. It is expected that the mechanical and electrical properties of graphene-polymer composite will enable them to be excellent graphene-based additives in various materials。

This report will discuss the potential applications of graphene in polymer composites and its prospects in the field of automotive parts.
Liang Han, Marketing Director, Hopefinder Polymer SCI&TECH Co.,Ltd
Topic:Analysis of The Market and Technology Trends of Medical Grade PVC

Speech Outline:
Medical grade PVC has wide applications in the medical consumables sector, and is an emerging trend in the Chinese medical market. In order to prevent malfunction accidents, strengthening the monitoring mechanisms and policies is crucial to the development of the industry. The demand for medical grade PVC will continue to increase. The industry should ensure the safety of the applications. China will be the No.1 production and consuming country of medical grade PVC in the world. "International standard, Chinese manufacture" will be the key for the development of Chinese industry.
Peng Xiao, The Leader of Ministry of General Plastic, Kingfa Sci.& Tech. Co., Ltd
Topic:The Application of High Performance Plastics in Intelligent Home Appliance

Speech Outline:
Application of High Performance Plastics in Smart Appliances
Overview of the appliance needs of plastic in home appliance industry.
Intelligent appliance materials solutions: hidden display solutions, personalized design solutions, low noise solutions, pollution prevention solutions, electrical safety solutions.
Bing Guan, Application Development Manager, Asia, Specialty Plastics, Eastman Chemical Company
Topic:Eastman TRĒVATM Engineering Bioplastic – A Versatile, Cellulose-Based Thermoplastic that Marries High-Level Performance and Sustainability

Speech Outline:
Eastman Chemical Company, the world's leading producer of cellulosic materials, introduces Eastman TRĒVATM, a breakthrough in engineering bioplastics that help global brands concurrently meet their sustainability and performance needs in today's rapidly evolving marketplace.
Gavin Wang, Sales Director, Coperion (Nanjing) Machinery Co., Ltd
Topic: Latest Developments of Coperion Twin Screw Compounder

Speech Outline:
There have been 60 years for twin screw extruder research by Coperion Group. And some new technology have been showed in K Fair in 2016. Including ZS-EG new design for degassing and new screw element.
Glory Chen, Manager of Yizumi Testing Center for New Materials and New Technologies
Topic: Innovation shaping your dreams

Speech Outline:
Will introduce YIZUMI innovation technologies with product-based manufacturing solutions, such as combination technology, combine with multi-polymer, plastics-metal, plastics-fiber.
Stanley Han, Business Development & Marketing Manager, AP, Milliken Enterprise Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Topic: Developing Trend and New Generation of Nucleation for Astonishing PP Performance

Speech Outline:
The technology, developing trend and applications will be introduced about PP nucleators, which can improve the performance of PP in a series of aspects: not only higher stiffness, but also high Tc, productivity improvement, isotropic shrinkage & shrinkage control, stiffness/impact balance improvement, and so on.
Yupeng Liu, Technical Director/Senior Engineer, Ningbo Shuangma Machinery Industry Co., Ltd
Topic: Application of Continuous Fiber Injection Moulding in Automotive Lightweight

Speech Outline:
BOLE CIML series long fiber reinforced thermoplastic injection moulding technology, combining advanced equipment, innovative process and new material, focus to provide you one step solution of composite moulding.
Peter R. Dufour, Senior Business Development Director, Clariant Coatings (Shanghai) Ltd
Topic: Paint-Free Solutions for Complex Molded Parts: Innovative Formulations that Reduces Flow Lines

Speech Outline:
Most current complex multi-material systems in Consumer Goods and Electrical components require modern looks and differentiation versus competitor products. One existing trend is to offer metallic look products, whilst avoiding environmentally detrimental additional manufacturing steps like painting. This presentation offers an overview of new, innovative materials with metallic looks and relevant indications on how they help avoid the ubiquitous flow lines that typically have limited the application of previous materials in aesthetic parts.
May Li, Engineer Leader/ Certification Reviewer, Performance Materials, UL China
Topic: UL Innovation of Polymeric Relative Thermal Index( RTI) Evaluation

Speech Outline:
Facing an ever-changing market and product development, mature formulation need to be upgraded to meet customer's need. However, tests are required for a UL recognized material to conduct Polymer Valuation, some may need to retest RTI rating. If RTI retest involved, its long test time would be a tough issue. Therefore, UL is developing a new RTI evaluation for Polymer variation cases, which only requires to conduct the aging test at a certain temperature for 2,000 hours, then the same RTI rating as previous one can be achieved. It will help significantly shorten the test time.
Some of confirmed participating enterprises:
(They are) mangers and senior managers come from management, research and development, procurement, materials, quality control, production, and design departments
GAC, Swell-Marui, Faurecia, PSA, Midea, BBK, Gree, Haier, Konka, Skyworth, Galanz, Foxconn, Tcl, Huami, LEGO, Fengsheng Eyewear, Qiuyeyuan, Esquel Textiles, Nanyang Cable, Rifeng Enterprise, Tupperware, Royole Corporation, Silitech, Pan-International Industrial, Jupei Electronic, Leader Nano, Hopefinder Polymer, Yonggao Plastic, FRD, Improve Medical, SonoScape, Sunmed, Vincent Raya Medical, Sinopec Group, Guangdong Silver Age, Infinitus, Decro Film, Plus One, Kingswin, Baohing Electric, DNS Industries, Targe Industry, Jinlin Industria, longsheng Plastic, Meizu, etc.
More participating enterprises will be updated

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