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Zahoransky and Loton form joint venture in China
Issue date:28/05/2004
Source:China Plastic & Rubber Journal
Mr. Paul Siu (middle) signs the joint venture contract with Zahoransky during InterBrush 2004.
Mr. Paul Siu (middle) signs the joint venture contract with Zahoransky during "InterBrush 2004".
Germany-based Zahoransky and its exclusive agent in China - Loton Industrial Limited have formed a joint venture to expand their Asian operations. The new company, named Zahoransky (Asia) Limited, is operative beginning May 1, 2004. In an attempt to enhance connections with China and Hong Kong customers, and to provide clients in South East Asia with more effective and speedy services, they decided to set up a new company to expand market possibilities and to lift service standards to new heights.

According to Mr. Paul Siu, after more than tens years of cooperation between both companies, in the provision and support to the China & Hong Kong brush industry, the new joint venture will aim to extend these services to other Asian countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Korea.

Mr. Siu believes Zahoransky (Asia) Limited will establish and consolidated Zahoransky's presence in the China, Hong Kong and Asian markets. In the early stage, Hong Kong is the base of Zahoransky (Asia) Limited, and an office will soon be opened in Shanghai, aiming to support operations throughout the whole China and Asian markets.

Concerning China's machinery market for brushes, Siu said with an increasing number of European brushing machinery companies entering into the region, the market would experience fierce competition. He added that, however, in terms of quality and technological level, Zahoransky is still being regarded as the market leader.

In terms of materials for brushes, Siu explained that the handles are no longer made in PP only, but with the addition of TPE to make them more attractive, while nylon, PP and PVC are popular materials for brush bristles.

Zahoransky provides a wide array of brush making machinery including those for industrial/household/dental and technical brush making, with prices to fulfill the customers requirement and budget.
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