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When SPI (Society of the Plastics Industry) announced in November the decision to hold the triennial show, NPE, in Orlando, Florida, for the 2012 and 2015 editions instead of the show's traditional location of Chicago, it also announced that the dates of the show would be advanced from the usual June to April. The move has caused some speculation that it might clash with the other plastics machinery shows to be held around the same period.

According to SPI's spokesman for NPE, Robert Martino, April is the only time available in the new venue that suits the logistics requirements, and when the decision was made, the dates of the other shows were still unknown.

Also taken into consideration is the industry's "vacation time" in the summer. "For previous NPEs in the late-June came just before many customers and prospective customers going on holiday – along with exhibitor personnel," he said.

Divided views on changed show time

The new schedule of NPE is very close to PLASTINDIA 2012, to be staged in New Delhi, India, from February 1 to 6, 2012, and Plast 2012 in Milan, Italy (March/April/May, to be confirmed), as well as CHINAPLAS 2012, to be staged in April in Shanghai.

AdsaleCPRJ has talked to exhibitors of NPE2009 and CHINAPLAS 2009 for their opinions.

Lin Yonghong, General Manager of Shanghai Jwell Extrusion Machinery Co. Ltd.:

"The relocation from Chicago to Orlando does not affect us. June is preferred to April concerning the timing for NPE. After all, the April-June is the busiest exhibition seasons. Jwell exhibited in NPE2009 this June but the show was badly affected by the outbreak of H1N1 pandemic..."

So far, Jwell has not confirmed the participation of NPE2012, but for next year we will definitely exhibit in CHINAPLAS 2010 in Shanghai and K 2010 in Düesseldorf.

Han Shuang, General Manager of JC times' Beijing office:

"NPE2012 in April will be fine for JC times. Similar to the arrangement in NPE2009, the company will be represented in Orlando by our local distributor.

"JC times has participated in both NPE and CHINAPLAS in 2009...CHINAPLAS is definitely helped by China's substantial economic growth. For a Chinese machinery manufacturer like us our sales are boosted by the excellent internal market, which contributes 60% of our total sales. Our sales is going well (internal and export), on November (2009) we already confirmed our yearly sales would exceed the past year."

Dr Babu Padmanabhan, Managing Director of India's Steer Engineering Pvt. Ltd.:

"From the perspective of our organization, the staff members and materials used for these exhibitions are different. We are targeting customers from different regions. Therefore, even if they were held on exactly the same dates, it will not influence our decision on (the) participation (of both NPE2012 and CHINAPLAS 2012)."

Peter Theobald, General Manager, Motan-Colortronic Trading (Taicang) Co., Ltd.:

"The date and location of NPE does not affect our customers or our business in China. From today's point of view, we will continue to exhibit in CHINAPLAS 2010."

Rita Cheung, Marketing Communications Manager, Performance Materials Platform, Asia Pacific, Du Pont China Limited:

"There may be overlap of target audience of NPE2012 and CHINAPLAS 2012. At this moment, Du Pont's headquarters in the US has not made comments on the changes."

Adsale Exhibition Services, organizer of CHINAPLAS, the largest plastics and rubber trade fair in Asia, pointed out that the April month has been well-liked by people in the industry.

"Since CHINAPLAS and NPE are located in different countries and target different markets, we believe that the new venue and date of NPE will not pose a significant impact on CHINAPLAS," said Ada Leung, Project Director of Adsale, adding that exhibitors and visitors would take part in shows that match with their types of business, target markets and buying strategies.

As China enjoys a quick recovery from the global financial crisis and is likely to have a GDP growth of 8 to 9% this year (2009) , CHINAPLAS 2010 will have a record-breaking exhibition area of 150,000 square meters. "Green Plastics?Our Goal?Our Future" is the theme of the show to reflect the development directions of the plastics industry.

SPI agreed with Adsale's view that there would be no conflict between CHINAPLAS and NPE in 2012, saying that the two "will successfully serve the international plastics industry".

"Our NPE2009 show in June was held approximately one month after CHINAPLAS 2009 and we still had a record number of attendees from China," said SPI in a statement.

The switch to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando is expected to give the advantages of more flexible logistics and cheaper cost of staying in "The City Beautiful". SPI has also estimated that it would save up to US$20 million in organizing the event.
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Changing exhibition date to April is somehow mandatory to NPE organizers, Plast of Milan is usually done in coordination with major events calender in the first quarter.

Regarding PlastIndia may be it will not be that much affected dueto different market trends and visitors profile I believe its more towards a regional event.

The main affected will be Chinaplas in the matter of exhibitors space but this effect will be still limited to some regions of Latin and North America, so NPE will be more affected with the lower exhibition area coming from Asia.

Regarding the visitors, Chinaplas will attract more visitors if it comes to the point to choose one event dueto lower costs and current business relations between mold/machines makers and plastic converters.
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