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Chinese plastics market on driving seat
Issue date:21/04/2010
Source:Adsale Plastics Website
CPRJ reporter
Dirk Butschkau (right) and Dr Martin Geissinger (R&D Director, Application Development Engineer) from Kraiburg.
Dirk Butschkau (right) and Dr Martin Geissinger (R&D Director, Application Development Engineer) from Kraiburg.
The opening of the CHINAPLAS show (The 24th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries) this Monday (April 19) provides a meeting place for key persons from plastics and rubber industries all over the world – but unfortunately, not for some buyers and delegations based in Europe.

The volcano eruption in Iceland since last week created smoke that are forcing the cancellation of many flights in Europe. Affected travelers include buyers and delegations who already booked their tickets to make the trip in Shanghai, the venue of this year's CHINAPLAS.

However the suspension of air traffic has not stopped the demand of newest technologies. An unnamed buyer from Brazil who was stranded in Amsterdam, Holland, wrote in email this Monday requesting Adsale, the show organizer, to extend the fair so that they and other affected visitors could still arrive and make business. It very much reflects the buyers' desire to visit the annual exhibition in China.

Some Europeans maybe missing, but the exhibition still records the highest attendances for a single day - on Monday there are 25,030 visitors coming to the show. Among them 5,206 (20.8%) are overseas visitors.

Narongchai Pisutpunya
"I can see not only the number of visitors is growing, but also the quality and degree of internationalization have improved tremendously," says Dirk Butschkau, Business Development Manager, HK & China, Kraiburg TPE, "I definitely feel the visitors making enquiries in our booth are equipped with more skill. They are very serious in making business. In addition people from other countries such as Iran, Pakistan and Turkey are also coming. They asked about the solutions in TPE and we are pleased to help."

CHINAPLAS is an exhibition of international scale, but clearly the success of the show is driven by the increasingly important Chinese market. "We agree China is now the 'Factory of the World'", says Narongchai Pisutpunya, Assistant Managing Director, PTT Polymer Marketing Company Limited. The Thai company this year will greatly expand their capacity in HDPE, PS, LLDPE and LDPE production, marketing these products largely to the Chinese market. He adds that 70% of their petrochemical products are produced using natural gas, hence making clear advantage over their competitors as the raw materials are far less price-sensitive.

Charles Lee showing the DATACOLOR MATCH PIGMENT® 2.1
An exhibition is always a good place for promotion. Color management system supplier Datacolor reckons the successful showing in exhibitions will enhance the company image. According to Charles Lee, Sales Director, North Asia, Industrial Business Unit, the company takes part this year in CHINAPLAS, ITMA Asia and Chinacoat. "This is one of our first steps to increase presence in our business for non-textile. We clearly see the demand for these areas - plastics, automotive, paint and home appliances, are growing in China. We intend to bring our experience to local Chinese companies by supplying hardware, software and color management service."
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