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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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injection mold 
To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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injection mold 
To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Professor Helmut Helmar Franz.
Professor Helmut Helmar Franz.

The Chinese plastics machinery industry rebounded well in 2016. Some remarkable achievements and important investments of local machine producers are identified by the editorial team during CHINAPLAS 2017. These exhibitors also expressed their opinions and optimism on the plastics market.

Haitian: technology to the point wins

Professor Helmut Helmar Franz, the non-Executive Director of Haitian International, said that the Chinese plastics processing industry returned to its growing path in 2016, with product structure being more advanced. Besides, the production and sales of plastic films, parts and consumer goods was on a rising curve.

To meet the growing needs of the market, Haitian will adopt new technology, such as water jet cutting, automatic welding and innovative metal-cutting to boost productivity,” he said.

Considering the various degrees of industrialization in different markets, Haitian, with its modular-based product structure, will offer the appropriate technology to expand its export, said Prof. Franz.

For instance, we will actively push for intelligent factory, customized products and high level of connection in highly developed market with Industrial 4.0 in mind,” he elaborated. “In the standard markets, Haitian will focus on flexible and cost-effective production process to meet their basic needs.”

Technology to the point”, as he calls it, will become the key to success in the future.

Haitian is the undisputed leader in the Chinese injection molding machinery industry. Competition for the second place has been fierce.

Borch unveils new brand image

Borch Zhu.At CHINAPLAS 2017, Borch Machinery Co. Ltd. (Borche) unveiled its new brand image, a new Vision Identity System presents its brand strategic positioning: Be energetic, Be positive, and Be smart.

The company’s new logo possesses more visual impact and a minimalist style. The new VI a brand marks a new global journey for Borche.

The change of the new brand image is consistent with our strategy of being global in the next decade. In order to strengthen our multi-natinal management, we established a direct subsidiary in the UK in April,” said Borch Zhu, President of Borche.

In addition, Borche also established a clear positioning as the expert of two-platen intelligent injection molding machine.

Technology wise, in the future Borche will focus on large tonnage two-platen machine (by far the largest is 6800 tons), the development is gearing towards multi-cavity, small tonnage fast machine and intelligent manufacturing. Borche’s second factory in Guangzhou, which will manufacture intelligent two-platen machines, will go into operation in the latter half of the year.

This year the market feedback is good. We are expecting a growth of 40-50%. At the moment, Borche is the only national smart equipment major enterprise in the industry.” Zhu said.

Yizumi to build R&D Center in Germany

Richard Yan.Established in 2002, Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Managing Director Richard Yan revealed a significant change: establishing multi-national operations and set up a R&D center with Germany IKV.

Yan said, “This year is the 15th anniversary of our company, and it marks the first year that we change from an injection molding machine producer towards a solution provider, and also the first year of transnational operation.

The company already is represented by the HPM brand in North America, and its Indian factory has begun operations in May. In addition, a development technology center will be established in the German city of Aachen no later than late September. Yet, Yan figured that a truly globalized corporation requires more than hardware.

We need to learn from Huawei and Midea, changing our perspective from seeing the world from China to seeing China from a global vision. A true globalization starts with considerations and changes from the top level design,” he said.

Yizumi has made a couple of management changes this year to prepare for a globalized marketing strategy.

James Zhang, Deputy General Manager of Yizumi, will also act as General Manager for its injection molding business. He oversees the company’s global development and management, with the aim of “connecting China and European molding techniques”.

L.K Machinery recorded consecutive 50% growth
Su Zhengzhi.
Su Zhengzhi, Marketing Director of Zhongshan L.K. Machinery Co. Ltd, revealed that, in the past two years, the company maintained 50% growth for two consecutive years.

Years of R&D in technology innovation is part of the reasons contributed to this proud achievement, he said.

Of course, this is also related to our philosophy – customers’ success is our top priority, and the continuous innovation and upgrade in services based on it,” Su stressed.

To meet the growing market demand, L.K. Machinery has started two new production bases in Southern and Eastern China respectively.

As China pushes for its Belt and Road initiative, L.K. Machinery said it will attend to local market needs according to “market over factory” principles, to provide service to the countries identified in the development plan.

Actually we already have years of experience in marketing in these countries and regions. For example we have service outlets in emerging markets such as Vietnam and India. With the improvement of our base home and abroad, we will continue to strive to meet the needs of customers,” said Su.

Bole aims to top RMB 1 billion sales in three years

Huang Weiliang.Bole Machinery hoped that, through accurate market positioning and constant technical innovation, it can stand out from the rests.

Chairman of Bole Machinery Huang Weiliang stated, “Our business have been growing by 30% for three consecutive years. Under such rapid development, we are implementing a three-year strategy to top RMB 1 billion sales by 2020.”

To this end, Bole Machinery is undergoing substantial changes, emphasizing the importance of technology innovation. Internally, it aims to enhance efficiency in management, intelligent production and lean production; externally, it focuses on globalization to create new markets for growth.

As part of its internationalization strategy, Bole has opened a new factory in India in May. Currently, exports make up of around 50% of Bole’s sales, mainly to the US, South Korea and other developed countries.

In South Korea, Bole machine has a market share of 5%, ranking third among all the injection molding machine brands in the country.

Guangdong Jwell 2017 Q1 sales jumped 40% versus last year
Teng Aihua.
As the hub of Shanghai Jwell Machinery in Southern China, Guangdong Jwell Machinery Co. Ltd’s sales in the first quarter of 2017 rose by 40% over the same period of last year. Its extrusion equipment is widely used for production of packaging films for food packaging, home appliances, construction materials, etc.

Teng Aihua, General Manager of Guangdong Jwell shared his views on the impact of the Belt and Road initiative.

The Belt and Road strategy will spur the plastics industry exports significantly. Europe, the US and Japan occupied leading positions in the industry, but now the situation is changing. Chinese technology is maturing and it offers a unique price/performance advantage. The opportunity is there for the taking.”

Meanwhile, he believed that the fast pace of modern lifestyle will increase the demand for disposables. In fact, China has become the second largest consumer of disposable products after the US. “We need to improve the disposable lunch boxes and other products in terms of quality, recyclable quality, environmental aspects and so on,” Teng said, adding that he is very optimistic about the future of Chinese plastics industry.

Polystar reached new high in recycling machinery sales

David Lo.Polystar is a Taiwan-based plastic recycling machine manufacturer who specializes in post-industrial recycling of polyethylene (PE)/polypropylene (PP) packaging film and PP raffia/woven.

David Lo, the company’s Marketing Manager, said that during the 2016/17 fiscal year, Polystar sold a record 170 units of two stage cutter compactor recycling machine.

For reasons of long term planning and inadequate spaces at its factory, Polystar is currently constructing a new facility in the new industrial zone in Taiwan. It will be four times bigger than the existing one. The company expects to commence its new site at the end of 2018.

Lo noted two trends in the machinery industry – energy-saving and intelligent production. Particularly in the area of recycling, manufacturers look forward to easier operation and maintenance compared with the more complex traditional design, he said, which is why Polystar emphasized the motto “recycling made simple”.

ChumPower planning new RMB 300 million headquarters

Bush Hsieh.Bush Hsieh, General Manager of ChumPower Machinery Corporation, believed the development of plastics industry will focus on cost-effectiveness and energy saving issues. Intelligent production is also emphasized by the company, as Internet of Things (IoT) will help to improve machine productivity, maintenance and so on.

Apart from its Taiwan headquarters, ChumPower operates two other factories in China. Due to continuous growth of the group, Hsieh said it is planning for a new RMB 300 million headquarters. With operation and R&D capability, it will be the heart of the company’s production and service setup, creating more than RMB 1 billion annual output values.

To meet the demand of rapid changing market needs in the plastics industry, he further stressed the importance of mastering the core technology to build the company further. Its new headquarters and R&D center will connect with the golden valley of precise Taiwanese machinery, to form a close collaborative supply chain, thereby accelerating technology upgrade to provide higher added value services to meet customer needs.

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