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Recycling set to drive investments in plastics industry
Issue date:2017.11.10
Source: CPRJ Editorial Team

Recycling market in Asia is expected to grow at a faster pace in coming years as governments encourage the use of recycled materials, according to Ralf Simon, Managing Director of Nordson BKG GmbH & Nordson PPS GmbH.

There will be more investments in recycling technology in the future and the market potential for such technology is huge in Asia, particularly China, he said.

"In Europe, there are a lot of regulations on recycling but in China I don't think there's one on the percentage of recycled materials used in a product. In my opinion, the government can do more. I think the trend has already started and the recycling industry is set to grow."

At the recent Fakuma show in Germany, Nordson highlighted its BKGR HiCon R-Type 250, which is designed for recyclers to filter highly contaminated materials when normal screen changer cannot be used.

BKGR HiCon R-Type 250
The system transforms highly contaminated polyolefin or styrenic plastics into clean, high-quality material and exhibits less melt loss than with traditional backflush systems for highly contaminated plastics.

The automated system operates at a maximum pressure of 350 bar and maximum temperature of 320°C. The throughput can range from 500-1,500kg/h, depending on polymer viscosity, filtration fineness and level of contamination.

Simon said there is room for more recycling technology in the market. "At the moment, the recycling market is mainly about recycling PET bottles. Our market is more related to virgin polymer and compounding, but maybe in the next two to three years, the scenario will change," he said, adding Nordson is well prepared to develop further the recycling business.

In Europe, Nordson is building a new facility in Münster, Germany to serve as a global hub for all of the company's BKG products and an aftermarket center for both BKG systems and EDI extrusion and coating dies.
The BKG brand includes underwater and water ring pelletizers and melt delivery systems such as screen changers, gear pumps, and polymer valves.

Besides expanding capabilities for engineering, manufacturing, and sales of these products, the project will include an enhanced technical center for R&D and customer and laboratory trials. The aftermarket center will provide European customers with rework and repair services and will be designed to minimize order lead times and reduce downtime for customers.

Groundbreaking took place in May this year and the project is expected to be completed by the early summer of 2018.

Compared with Asia where there is a boom, Europe is quite stable at the moment, said Simon. Nordson has recently delivered "the world's largest PET pelletizing system" for PET bottle grade chips to a customer in China.

"We have already delivered the system, which has a capacity of 3,500 tons per day, and are doing the commissioning. In the meantime, there are a lot of bigger projects at the moment in China. Companies are really investing in European technology – not only in PET, but also in polyester, polyamide, polycarbonate and in compounding industry mainly related to TPU. There is really a huge market for us."

Photo: 1 - Ralf Simon, Managing Director of Nordson BKG GmbH & Nordson PPS GmbH.
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