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Robot-assisted welding of large free-form components in a thermal field, supplied as standard with a rotary table for fast loading
Robot-assisted welding of large free-form components in a thermal field, supplied as standard with a rotary table for fast loading
The Laser Welding Division of LPKF Laser & Electronics is going to showcase the welding head of the compact laser system LPKF LQ-Integration and its latest TwinWeld technology at Fakuma, which will take place in Friedrichshafen, Germany from October 18-22.

As introduced by the company, the dimensions of the welding head in this reconfigured inline module have shrunk considerably, so one or more heads can be installed in a small amount of space in a manufacturer's own production layout. The laser source and the control unit are housed away from the head in a separate control cabinet, which facilitates the integration of laser welding processes during production.

Another exhibit will be the new TwinWeld hybrid welding method. It features a complex welding head and a compact housing with a new robot arm, the TwinWeld3D. The laser beam operates in a thermal field, thus creating a larger processing window and a faster welding speed. Products are then dispensed with a downstream tempering step.

"Instead of costly clamping tools, this method only requires inexpensive part holders. And the rotary table which is now supplied as standard enables paired, alternating welding - of large car lights for instance." explained Frank Brunnecker, Vice President Laser Welding at LPKF Laser & Electronics AG.

Two more welding systems, the LQ-Vario RT and the LQ-Spot will also be presented at the show.
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