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Toray's booth at CHINAPLAS 2012
Toray's booth at CHINAPLAS 2012
Carbon fiber resin, PPS, PLA, PET film and the latest high-tech materials were on display at the booth of Toray Plastics (China), which is a part of the Toray group, a leading Japanese chemical manufacturer founded in 1926, to appeal to companies in the E&E, OA and automotive industry.

According to Toray's sales executive, Wong Chiu Yu, as the hardness of carbon fiber resin is comparable to that of steel or iron, carbon fiber resin can make products stronger and lighter. On the other hand, PPS can also replace metal so as to reduce costs.

Adopting the theme "Ecology City" for its booth this year, Toray placed emphasis on the environment. "The future trends of the plastics technology should be developing environmentally-friendly resin as awareness on the ecology is increasing," Mr Wong said.
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