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The new coolpure 1.0 concept refrigerator
The new coolpure 1.0 concept refrigerator

BASF will present its new coolpure 1.0 concept refrigerator at the Living Kitchen, an international kitchen show held in Cologne, Germany from January 14-20, 2013.


As said, coolpure 1.0 explores the new fields of application for polyurethane (PU) in the refrigerator sector, where the emphasis until now has been mainly on insulation. It is a unique blend of innovative materials and functionality with modern design, a futuristic formal language and the use of sustainable materials.


Features of the concept refrigerator are as follow:

1. Beautiful finishes with Permaskin compounds

2. Low-energy, soft light with a flexible optical waveguide made of Elastollan

3. Optimized insulation with VIP fixation Balindur

4. Lower energy consumption thanks to VIPs with a PU core

5. Elastocool Advanced for higher productivity

6. Immaculate profiled seals made of Elastollan

7. Soft-touch TPU door handles with Elastollan

8. High-transparency shelves made of Elastollan

9. Boundless scope for design with Elastofoam I for seat elements

10. Crystal-clear advantages with Window Spray Technology - COLO-FAST WST

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