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Sonderhoff recommends FIPG technology for foam sealing, gluing and potting in electronic component applications.
Sonderhoff recommends FIPG technology for foam sealing, gluing and potting in electronic component applications.
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Sonderhoff and its Indian sales partner Magal Engineering Company presented a number of foam sealing, gluing and potting solutions for the electronics industry at ELECRAMA 2016.

The Formed In-Place Gasket (FIPG) technology was highlighted for efficient and economic foam sealing of switching cabinets. Sonderhoff offers fast reacting Fast-Cure foams, which comply with fire safety standard UL 94 HF-1, has good elastic recovery properties following compression and superior sealing properties based on testing classifications defined by NEMA for North America or the IP classes (ingress protection) in Europe.

Using linear or six-axis handling robots, automated process for precise dispensing of 2D or 3D components is possible, even in large variety of shapes. Two-component adhesives or potting material can also be processed with this dosing technique.

The Fast-Cure foam seals for switching cabinets are water-repellent and therefore, can be used outdoor. The water uptake in their compressed state at room temperature is less than around 3% for outdoor foam seals and around 5% for indoor foam seals. This means that protection classes up to IP 67 can be achieved, depending on the component design and the foam system used.

As for potting, Sonderhoff introduces the FERMADUR systems which are room temperature crosslinking 2- component polyurethane compounds varying from hard and soft to gel-like.

Using FIP technology, the material is applied in liquid form directly onto or into the part and cures thereafter without a furnace, thereby saving time, cost and manual operations.

Especially for encapsulation of LED lighting, FERMADUR potting systems are available as transparent or translucent (opaque) casting compounds and are UV stable. The light transmission grade of transparent potting is approximately 90% and translucent potting ensures optimal light diffusion.

High water resistance of LED potting with ingress protection classes up to IP 67 also ensures safe outdoor applications.

ELECRAMA was held in Bengaluru, India from February 13-17.

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