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Proco Machinery Inc, a US manufacturer of automation systems for the blow molding industry, has launched a breakthrough collaborative robotic automation system that works interactively with co-workers without special guarding.

Suitable for pick and place, assembly, and packaging applications, the cost is said to be reduced by 50% compared with conventional automation solutions.

"Proco's new automation technology has taken robotics to a new level, and is exactly what the industry has been waiting for," said John McCormick, President of Proco Machinery. "The Robo Packer blends this human-like collaborative robotic system together with Proco's industry-leading expertise in the blow molding and packaging industries."

According to Proco, the Robo Packer can be adapted to a variety of packaging and repetitive manufacturing situations working alongside existing workers or working independently. It can be supplied with any one of three different robotic arm payloads depending on the application, the task to be performed, and the level of productivity that is required.

The Robo Packer Basic System is a totally integrated packaging module and is supplied with a six-axis robotic arm, infeed conveyor, and a box conveyor all mounted onto a common sub-frame which in turn is fitted with leveling pads and castor wheels.

Moreover, it can be configured to pack all necks up or all necks down either using row-by- row or full-layer packing methods.

The complete system including integral conveyors can be moved from one location to another, ensuring high flexibility within a manufacturing setting, explained Proco.

Due to the sophisticated design of the Robo Packer’s robotic system, complex safety guards are not normally required. However, Proco offers either light curtain or guard packages as optional equipment. The company also provides customized solutions where standard configuration does not suit a particular application.

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