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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Kirk Winstead, President & COO, IPEG Inc.
Kirk Winstead, President & COO, IPEG Inc.
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Kirk Winstead, who became COO of IPEG, Inc., in 2015, is adding President to his title as he assumes overall IPEG commercial responsibility, with the heads of the Group’s four subsidiaries reporting directly to him.

Mr. Winstead worked 27 years for Rapid Granulator, holding various technical, sales and management positions and eventually becoming CEO of the Rapid Group of Bredaryd, Sweden.

Rapid was part of the IPEG family until it was sold in 2015. At that time, Winstead was named IPEG COO, assuming responsibility for Operations, Information Technology and Human Resources.

Kirk Winstead’s recent operational achievements, combined with his many years of commercial leadership, uniquely qualify him to assume the role of IPEG President,” commented Chris Keller, who was President until now and who continues as Chief Executive Officer. “Over the past two years, he successfully led critical infrastructure and organizational transformations. This is not only a great opportunity for him, but a great move for our business.”

“I will focus my time and efforts on bigger-picture, longer-term strategy, in addition to supporting the IPEG Management Team. This will involve continuing to chart a path of growth for IPEG, including looking for suitable acquisitions and determining where best to allocate and invest our resources,” Mr. Keller said.

Headquartered in Cranberry Township, PA, IPEG comprises a family of leading brands serving the global plastics-processing, waste-recycling, and industrial heat-transfer markets. IPEG brands include:

- Conair, a global manufacturer of auxiliary equipment for plastics processing;
- Thermal Care, a leading developer and manufacturer of custom heat-transfer systems and equipment, serving more than 50 industries;
- Republic Machine, a leader in the design and manufacture of single-shaft shredders for recycling of plastics and other materials;
- Pelletron Corporation, a global leader in conveying and dedusting technologies.

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