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The Color Inspiration 2018+ brochure feature four influential and emerging color palettes shaped by societal trends.
The Color Inspiration 2018+ brochure feature four influential and emerging color palettes shaped by societal trends.

PolyOne has launched its new InVisiO Color Inspiration trend for 2018 and beyond, which shows an evolution from last year's tone of paradox and passion.

"Developing an informed color strategy is absolutely essential to achieving the desired emotional impact that influences and connects with consumer decision making," said Gary Fielding, Director, Global Marketing, Color, Additives and Inks at PolyOne. "To aid customers in making that connection, our designers investigate global megatrends and perform deep and broad color research to develop palettes that resonate with evolving and longer-term societal trends."

The 2018-and-beyond collection of four influential and emerging color palettes examines a world of political economic and social tensions, in which human beings pursue magic, chase yesterday, seek security and look for common ground:

Public Privacy: Without a doubt, we live in an age where technology often outpaces our ability to develop safeguards against hacking. We've embraced the revolution with posts, tweets, likes, and shares at the risk of full disclosure. A saturated blue, glowing red and transparent chartreuse are suggestive of high-speed data streams, while foggy grey adds a note of stealth.

Polarized: Divisiveness or unity? Intolerance or acceptance? Our world is complicated; there is no escaping it. We live in a pluralistic society, one in which viewpoints clash. The Polarized palette reflects this conundrum through contrast and complexity. Multifaceted black shimmers with optimism, while purple hues shift to blue depending on your perspective.

Chasing Yesterday: The last half century has been marked by several cultural touchstones. This trend is a nod to the lo-tech charm of vinyl records, the visceral tug of Polaroid images, and the energetic freedom of the psychedelic design aesthetic. We mix, mash, and morph the nostalgia to create something fresh and exciting. The palette reflects modern takes on classic hues, with bright limes and golden yellows framed by an updated cream.

In Pursuit of Magic: Challenging what is real and placing trust in the inexplicable, we seek to impart order over the chaos around us. Embracing the notion of self-empowerment, we are brought firmly into a world of limitless possibilities. Intrinsically magical in appearance, this palette extols well-being that’s imbued with a twist. Brassy gold conjures a positive energetic flow, while mystical purple hues exude calm and meditative qualities.

In general, PolyOne said the palettes found in color forecasts are not necessarily appropriate for every product. Designers and brand owners can work with InVisiO experts to develop new color palettes or even adapt existing colors to accommodate a new phase in a product’s lifecycle.

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