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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Davis-Standard's dsX flex pack
Davis-Standard's dsX flex pack

Davis-Standard's line of dsX products will headline the company's presence at the upcoming interplastica show in Moscow, January 24-27, 2017.

Representatives from Davis-Standard's Germany subsidiary will promote dsX technology in blown film, cast film, extrusion coating, foam, profile and sheet applications:

dsX s-tretch Cast Film Line – This is the first cast film line of its kind, providing an alternative to pre-stretching and coreless techniques traditionally done off line. Processors can take advantage of thinner films, higher line speeds and improved film strength. Not only does the machine eliminate a secondary process, but produces films with greater energy efficiency and higher load retention. The line is equipped to support a range of resins and applications at slit web widths from 300-1,500mm, and is pre-configured with several different extrusion packages to produce three, five or seven layer films.

dsX flex-film Blown Film Line – This pre-engineered blown film line is designed to serve the core of the blown film industry for applications in printing and laminating, flexible packaging, collation shrink film, bag making, hood shrink and surface printing. Available in 1,900mm and 2,500mm sizes, processors can take advantage of Davis-Standard's high performance technology. This includes industry-leading air rings (see UpJet), die and feedscrew designs for film uniformity, high output rates and long-lasting equipment performance. Options for different widths, die sizes and accommodations for multiple applications are available.

UpJet Air Ring – This high performance air ring is geared toward commodity markets such as stretch film, can liners and industrial films. It can be used on existing and new blown film lines in manual or auto-profile mode. When used with Davis-Standard's automatic profile control and Centrex or Vertex dies, output increases have been as much as 40%. It is available in sizes ranging from 180-1,016mm in manual or motorized elevation control and passive or automatic thickness profile control configurations.

dsX flex pack Extrusion Coating Line – This line supports cost-sensitive flexible packaging applications. It is pre-configured to merge customer demand with the best components in the industry for better end-product quality, greater uptime and productivity, reduced waste and production costs, and application versatility. It is also engineered with proven components and an adaptable machine configuration making it ideal for converters, printing companies, multinational companies and start-ups.

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