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New Materials Conference 2017
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The recently-launched Linx 8900 series CIJ printer.
The recently-launched Linx 8900 series CIJ printer.

At interpack 2017, Linx Printing Technologies will show its cost-effective coding and marking solutions for a wide range of applications.

The highlights include the newest additions to the company’s continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers and laser coders, along with examples from its thermal transfer, thermal inkjet and case coder ranges.

The full range of Linx laser coding solutions will be on display including the newly launched Linx CSL10 and CSL30. Key benefits are even faster printing speeds over previous models and greater versatility, in addition to quicker and easier installation and set-up, said the company.

The recently-launched Linx 8900 series and Linx 10 have both further extended the capabilities of CIJ printing. These include the first-in-class Advanced System Monitoring which provides a continual check of the printer’s operation in terms of ink system running parameters and environmental conditions to maximize efficiencies.

The new Production Schedule enables the printer to print a sequence of different messages automatically, for example in dairy applications where the print head is traversing across multiple lanes of products.

User Defined Date Formats deliver even greater coding flexibility by allowing users to create their own customized date and time formats. This is particularly beneficial to operations coding many different products, for example contract packers, who need to meet differing customer requirements for code content and layout.

The new Linx 10 is a compact and totally portable entry-level CIJ printer. It has been particularly designed for smaller businesses that need to code products for the first time or whose potential for business growth is hampered by the use of less flexible, non-digital coding methods.

The portability of the printer also means it can be used as a back-up machine for experienced CIJ users, which can quickly be moved and set up wherever required, and its compact dimensions will benefit packing lines where space is an issue.

Linx's thermal transfer, thermal inkjet and case coder ranges will also be demonstrated. The Linx IJ375 case coder is able to cut production costs while maximizing line uptime and print quality for the coding of secondary packaging. Its patented ReFRESH ink system, robust design and printhead protection technology mean significantly reduced downtime and savings on consumables.

For coding onto packaging such as boxes, trays and sleeves, the Linx TJ725 thermal inkjet printer incorporates Simply Smart Technology to offer a high resolution digital coding solution. Linx's Active Cartridge Care System saves money and cuts waste by slowing the nozzle drying process, making first prints more reliable every time.

The Linx TT5 thermal transfer overprinter offers superb code quality along with a significant increase in production line uptime and a lower cost of ownership.  Its unique clutchless bi-directional ribbon drives minimizes the risk of ribbon breaks and the need to make mechanical adjustments to maintain ribbon tension.

interpack 2017 will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany from May 4-10.

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