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<sup>E</sup>PROMI enables personalized reports of aggregated data for all levels of decision making – from the production line to management.
EPROMI enables personalized reports of aggregated data for all levels of decision making – from the production line to management.

The digital and communication-based transformation of industry – known as Industry 4.0 or Internet of Things – requires the data collected to be used in a multitude of ways. Isra Vision's EPROMI provides a strong foundation for that.

Surface inspection systems generate large volumes of data that contain all specific characteristics of a product: dimensions, material defects, defect types and quality level, recipe composition, and the date and time of inspection.

When properly structured, combined with other process parameters and correctly analyzed, this information reveals much more than just the quality of the product concerned, according to Isra Vision.

Connecting and analyzing data from different sources is becoming ever more important in plastic film production. Evaluating quality data for process monitoring and decision-making is an effective way to increasing production yield and efficiency sustainably.

With its Enterprise PROduction Management Intelligence (EPROMI) system, Isra Vision offers a software that helps to evaluate the entire manufacturing process.

The information on products and processes is aggregated, consolidated and structured in a central data warehouse. Any number of users can access the latest measuring data simultaneously. Important data is sorted, processed, analyzed and displayed in next to no time, for example in the form of charts and customized reports.

EPROMI analyzes various production and quality data obtained from production, condenses information across processes and uses it to provide valuable information on defect types, defect causes and process shortcomings. Reports are displayed in cockpits.

In addition to standardized templates, customized solutions can be adapted to the user’s needs and requirements, even by the user. The software and the inspection hardware integrated into EPROMI generate valuable process knowledge. Data from other sources, such as product temperature or sheet thickness variations, can also be integrated.

The database solution provides the relevant information with the right degree of detail for any requirement. Statistical defect rates and defect trends can be analyzed right at the line – on the shop floor – so that process problems can be identified promptly and eliminated before they result in high costs or rejection rates.

At management level – on the top floor – the system supports yield management and decision making by providing aggregated reports. Management-level decision making processes are supported sustainably and valuable knowledge is generated to enable increases in yield.

Because plastic film manufacturers can rely on optimum, cost-efficient information on processes and products at all times, they can achieve maximum quality and optimize their production. At the same time, resources can be saved.

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