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Huntsman has developed DALTOPED Lite ENERGY AND DALTOPED X-Lite for footwear industry.
Huntsman has developed DALTOPED Lite ENERGY AND DALTOPED X-Lite for footwear industry.

Huntsman has developed two brand new soling solutions for the footwear industry, which will be officially launched at SIMAC 2017, which takes place in Milan, Italy from February 21-23.

The two materials – DALTOPED Lite ENERGY and DALTOPED X-Lite – are designed to fill the performance gap between conventional polyurethane and expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (e-TPU) soling systems.

Compared to ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) or existing polyurethane soling materials, Huntsman said its new materials offer improved levels of comfort, performance and durability, plus improved dynamism even at low molding densities.

Both materials are ideal for the creation of unit soles and midsoles but are suitable for use in almost all footwear applications.

DALTOPED Lite ENERGY, the only PU product of its kind currently available, is a lightweight polyurethane soling solution with dynamic energy return capabilities and a density range of 300-350kg/m3. It provides high rebound and long lasting cushioning capabilities that respond to every stride.

Helping to put less strain on the body and with the potential to offer miles of comfort, DALTOPED Lite ENERGY is ideal for the production of midsoles for sports footwear and single density soles for athleisure shoes – typically worn during workouts but also as comfortable casual wear.

Huntsman's DALTOPED X-Lite technology combines the low density needed to make shoes more comfortable (350kg/m3) with superior mechanical and robust processing properties. This cost effective polyether material has good flexural strength and abrasion resistance, and is ideal for producing unit soles for high quality casual and children's footwear, as well as mid soles and slippers.

Both DALTOPED Lite ENERGY and DALTOPED X-Lite are available in a wide range of color options, are easy to process and can reduce energy consumption in sole production, said Huntsman. They are also compatible with standard PU machinery and automated processes – meaning no additional capital outlay is required to switch to the new materials.

Johan Van Dyck, Technical Manager at Huntsman, said, "The development of our DALTOPED Lite ENERGY and DALTOPED X-Lite technologies underscores our continuing commitment to the footwear industry and serves as a reminder of our track record for pioneering revolutionary polyurethane materials."

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