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The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) announced that two new forums, Plasticity California and Industry 4.0 will be held in conjunction with ANTEC 2017.

SPE's Annual Technical Conference, ANTEC 2017, will take place from May 8-10 in Anaheim, California, the US.

"ANTEC 2017 will be the US plastics industry’s largest technology event this year," stated Wim De Vos, CEO of SPE. "SPE is adding the additional forums to increase the added value for its attendees and the industry."

On top of the 500+ technology sessions, Industry 4.0 will attract all those involved in the future control and connectivity of our industry's supply chain, whilst the Plasticity California Forum will bring together everyone concerned about the ecological impact of manufacturing, recycling and re-using plastic products, said De Vos.

ANTEC 2017 will include "New Technology" forums, plenary & keynote speeches, tutorials for a range of processes and materials, and panel discussions. Also new this year is a Women's Networking Breakfast. This panel discussion will be led by women who have made it to the top of the plastics industry.

Other activities include SPE Awards and 75th Anniversary Gala, SPE's global parts competition "Plastics for Life" and "The Plastics Race", a scavenger hunt with a plastics twist. There will also be activities for students and young industry professionals.

"As SPE continues its race for relevance, we are proud to share the new additional programs at our annual event," said Russ Broome, Managing Director of SPE. "We are focusing on new and improved content delivery and unique partnerships. The motivation behind this lies with providing the highest value possible for our attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors. This is just the beginning as many other changes are in the planning for ANTEC 2018 @ NPE and ANTEC 2019 in Detroit."

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