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An aerial view of NECC Shanghai.
An aerial view of NECC Shanghai.

After year-long evaluation and analysis, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. has decided that CHINAPLAS 2018 will move to a new venue – the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) in Hongqiao business district, Shanghai.

CHINAPLAS 2018 is confirmed to take place at NECC from April 24-27.

Growing hand in hand with the Chinese plastics industry, CHINAPLAS has kept on expanding in recent years, from 180,000sqm of total exhibition area and 2,400+ exhibitors in 2011 to an estimated 250,000sqm and 3,300+ exhibitors in 2017.

"We really ran out of space in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (SNIEC)," said Ada Leung, General Manager of Adsale.

"Evaluation and analysis on moving to NECC began in early 2016, and considering the long term development of the show, we made the decision in the fourth quarter," she explained.

SNIEC had been a very good venue for CHINAPLAS, Ada said, but all the indoor halls were fully occupied in each edition in Shanghai since 2012. More and more outdoor tents and exhibition suites were built to cater for the space demand.

That was not the most convenient solution for exhibitors and visitors, especially when the rain comes, Leung admitted.

Show scale to reach 300,000sqm

Opened in 2015, NECC offers 400,000sqm of indoor exhibition space and 100,000sqm of outdoor display areas. Despite a much bigger capacity, Leung said the expansion of CHINAPLAS 2018 will be done in a well-planned and controlled manner. The targeted exhibition space is 300,000sqm.

"In moving to a new venue, it requires a lot of detailed planning. This is particularly true for CHINAPLAS in view of its huge show scale and high technical complexity," she emphasized.

Exhibitors have already been informed of the news and many of them were excited about the move, Leung said, noting that prolonged move-in and move-out time will be provided to help exhibitors adapt to the new venue.

CHINAPLAS will continue to alternate between Guangzhou and Shanghai. This year, the show will take place from May 16-19 in Guangzhou, China.

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