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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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CHINAPLAS grandly opened yesterday.
CHINAPLAS grandly opened yesterday.
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The China Import and Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou was crowded and hot as the CHINAPLAS 2017 kicked off yesterday! The opening day saw tens of thousands of visitors flocked to the show with abundant new cutting-edge products and technology innovations in the plastics and rubber industries.

With the "Smart Manufacturing Technology Zone", “Design x Innovation” and 2nd Industry 4.0 Conference as show highlights, visitors got incredible insights from CHINAPLAS 2017.

The 2nd Industry 4.0 Conference and Tech Talk continue today. Meanwhile, don’t miss the 3rd Medical Plastics Conference which is coming up today to shed lights on the latest development of medical plastics technologies.

"Smart Manufacturing Technology Zone" starring for the show

Plastics and rubber industries are striving to optimize productivity and improve efficiency through smart manufacturing. The "Smart Manufacturing Technology Zone" is thus being put under the spotlight at CHINAPLAS 2017.

The zone is upgraded from the "Automation Technology Zone" in the show's past two editions, with bigger scale and more magnificent exhibitor line-up. A full range of state-of-the-art technologies and products shine in the zone, attracting and retaining the eyeballs of visitors.

Apart from exhibits like the robotic arms, automated systems, controllers, actuators and sensors, visitors have the chance to witness a smart production line and smart factory solutions from leading suppliers, including Bosch Rexroth, Siemens and Demark.

Positive feedback for first session of 2nd Industry 4.0 Conference

Besides the "Smart Manufacturing Technology Zone", CHINAPLAS 2017 also presents the 2nd Industry 4.0 Conference with the support from VDMA, the German Engineering Federation. The conference was held in the afternoon yesterday, and continues today.

Yesterday’s session, focused on best practices for facilitating smart manufacturing in the automotive sector, proved to be very fruitful. KraussMaffei presented the topic of “Automotive 4.0 – how to turn injection molding machine data into profit industry”, and Engel also talked about the smart manufacturing technology for automotive sector.

The session of today will be dedicated primarily to the electrical and electronics sector. Arburg, Wittmann Battenfeld and Haier are expected to share their solutions for this key sector.

Green innovations enable new circular economy

The year 2016 was marked by global efforts to move toward a more sustainable society. Manufacturing industry has no other viable strategic option than to adopt green solutions as it moves forward. In view of this, CHINAPLAS 2017 brings together and highlights a series of innovative green solutions.

The first globally launched solvent-free rotogravure printing machine, developed by Zhongshan Sotech Printing Machinery, makes its debut at CHINAPLAS 2017. It finds use in the manufacturing of flexible packaging, and in the packaging of food and beverage products, daily chemical products and medical supplies.

This printing machine enables manufacturers to eliminate VOCs. According to the manufacturer, the machine uses cold light to solidify colored inks without the need for solvents and VOCs.

Obviously, the "Recycling Technology Zone" is one of the highlights in line with the scope of new circular economy. Visitors can find an abundant selection of best recycling practices in the zone.

Among many exhibitors, Zhangjiagang Xinbei Machinery shows a plastic waste shredder with multiple uses, as it can be used to help recycle pipes, lumps and rubber with a magnetic separating system. With further improvement, the equipment can also be applied to the shredding and recycling of soft materials such as thin films, bags and filaments.

Besides, the “Plastic Beverage Bottles Recycle & Reward Activity” received positive feedback yesterday. Many visitors joint by inserting plastic beverage bottles to the Reverse Vending Machines set up at the fairgrounds, and redeemed souvenirs at the counter located at the "Recycling Technology Zone".

Plenty of inspirations for automotive sector

Along with other sectors, automotive sector is following the megatrend of lighter weight and higher sustainability. Plenty of exhibitors await visitors at the show floor, ready to introduce new materials and state-of-the-art equipment that inspire the automotive sector.

For instance, Kraiburg TPE (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. presents its UV/HF/SF series which is targeted towards automotive exterior components requiring high UV resistance, perfect surface finish and high flowability. It adheres perfectly to PP with perfect surface finish and is tested according to Volkswagen PV3930 for outdoor use.

Meanwhile, CGN Juner New Materials Co., Ltd. highlights its 65% continuous glass fiber reinforced polyamide 6 UD-tape which features high glass fiber content, high strength and modularity. The product can be applied in automotive components, such as foot pedals, seat frames, front-end frame, etc.

Medical Plastics Conference starts today

The huge and ageing population drives the demand for advanced medical devices. In China, the medical device market is at a stage of untapped potentials.

The 3rd Medical Plastics Conference will be held today and tomorrow. Speakers from leading medical device manufacturers, materials suppliers, and research institutes will share the latest development and applications of medical plastics and corresponding technologies.

In today’s session: Tianjin Plastics Research Institute Co. Ltd will share the “China medical plastics major development trends and how to enter the supply chain” ; Covestro (Hong Kong) Limited will introduce the “Innovative high heat polycarbonate for medical device manufacturing industry” ; KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH will discuss the “Special cleanroom requirement for injection moulding machine features study of Netstal turn key solutions” ; Czuba Enterprises. Inc will talk about “Implantable device development - from product design, material selection to production”.

In addition, a dedicated showcase gallery is also staged to display exhibitors' latest medical product offerings of all types.

Tech Talk and Guided Technology Tour

In order to encourage exhibitors to promote the most advanced technologies to visitors, the new program Tech Talk is introduced at CHINAPLAS 2017. A number of exhibitors introduced their latest products yesterday, and more will do presentations today and tomorrow.  

The Guided Technology Tour service is available again this year. Different routes guided by industry experts with focuses on new equipment, new materials and new technology are offered to visitors. Check it out!

Design x Innovation” sheds light on modern industrial design

The remarkable kick off ceremony of “Design x Innovation”, a concurrent event organized in cooperation with the world's leading chemical company BASF, was the highlight of CHINAPLAS 2017 opening yesterday.

The theme of the event this year is “Smarter Living” as innovative materials and their creative applications bring better life to humans. Meanwhile, extraordinary prototypes of “TRIO”, the co-creation projects by BASF, renowned designers and brand owners, are showcased.

The Design Forum of the event adopts a new format in which the topics are set to focus on the different stages of design process. So, participants can have clearer understanding of the modern industrial design approach.

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