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injection mold 
To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Bing Hian Co at motan-colortronic’s booth.
Bing Hian Co at motan-colortronic’s booth.

As manpower cost rose, demand for automation increased. The plastics industry’s development over the past decade had been a golden time for automated systems providers, such as motan-colortronic.

The company’s conveying systems are capable of supporting hundreds of machines in an injection molding production line, making no-stoppage manufacturing a reality.

“The trends in the plastics industry match with the path of our company. Customers are coming with higher requirements, and overall, we have good businesses this year,” said Bing Hian Co, North Asia Regional Managing Director of taicang motan-colortronic plastics machinery co. ltd.

He also said there had been over-capacity in the industry in the past, but now, the weak factories had died out and most of the customers’ factories reached 90% utilisation.

There are two marked trends which contributed to the favourable business environment: one being that the size of the equipment has got bigger and bigger with upgraded systems, and the other is “multiple stand-by”, favored by manufacturers for continuous production.

“Customers tend to buy more than one of our equipment to ensure non-stop production,” said the managing director, who oversees the markets of Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. “Auxiliary equipment in the upstream is the blood vessel of a production line. Every factory has its own design and we’re the solution provider.”

He also vividly described the company’s growth in recent years. “I’ve been with motan for seven years. A contract of RMB 2 to 3 million used to be considered a big deal in the past, but nowadays, we have contracts of RMB 50 – 60 million every year, on top of some others involving RMB 10 to 20 million.”

On display at CHINAPLAS 2017 included the miniatures of METRO G -- motan-colortronic’s central conveying systems for granulate, which offer operational benefits and cost savings for plastics processors.

According to the company, METRO G is “the most comprehensive and flexible material loader range on the market”, combining the best of two established material loader ranges – colortronic and motan. 

“The system can support hundreds of machines in the production line. There can be near-zero downtime, in addition to energy-saving. It is tailored for full capacity, but can also be scaled down when necessary for smaller batch production,” said Bing Hian Co at motan-colortronic’s booth.

The vacuum valve with implosion cleaning allows constant and stable material conveying and reduces maintenance costs. The mesh filter is automatically cleaned after each loading cycle by implosion to ensure constant material conveying and reduce maintenance costs on the loader.

As the material loader is air-tight the conveying performance remains stable and there is no dust around the unit. And all the material loaders are fully modular and can be matched to different throughputs and requirements depending on the application.

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