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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Yin Zhenhua, the representative of Bang Cheng Environmental Protection Machinery.
Yin Zhenhua, the representative of Bang Cheng Environmental Protection Machinery.

The concept of eco-friendly production has been deeply ingrained in the mind of manufacturers in the plastics industry after years of promotion aided by national policies, and Bang Cheng Environmental Protection Machinery in Jiangsu province, China, believes the time is right for another breakthrough in innovation.

It is to put more resources into developing its dust collection technology, as clean factories operating in an automated environment is a growing trend.

Bang Cheng, which is located in the city of Zhangjiagang by the Yangtze River – about 1.5 hours away from Shanghai, was exhibiting at CHINAPLAS 2017, showing a series of its products to new and long-time customers.

The company’s representative, Yin Zhenhua, told us that many of his customers are using the company dust collectors and they are coming back with higher requirements each time.

“We always aim to keep pace with market development. Dust collection is one of the technologies worth more of our effort, as the demand for it is increasing and the requirements are also getting higher, so we need to improve further,” said Yin.

Apart from clean manufacturing, customers also need automated systems that can help them save energy and cost.

The centralized feeding system offered by the company is a popular item among its customers, thanks to the increased demand for automation, said Yin.

“The system can help customers save manpower. All the steps are programmed in a computer for standard procedures. There’s no need to have many workers like before to handle the process anymore. This helps manufacturers save significantly every year,” he said.

Bang Cheng is a plastic machinery manufacturer which stresses scientific management and technological innovation. It has been actively introducing its patented technology at home and abroad, particularly Asia, developing new products while transforming old ones.

Apart from systems engineering, which covers centralized feeding system, automatic weighing system and drip irrigation system, the company also specialises in producing stand-alone series of PVC plastic mixer, central dust collector, PE plastic crusher, shredders and other plastic auxiliary equipment.

But the focus is eco-friendly production, which Yin expects to be the engine driving growth in the next few years.

“We will continue to develop new products with eco-friendly features. This is a clear direction,” he said. “Nowadays, the concept of environmental protection is deep-rooted in people’s mind. They are paying more attention to the environment. Coupled with the national policies on the subject, there had been rapid developments in this aspect.”

Yin expects the coming two years to be even better than now, and the company has been reaching out to overseas markets.

Currently, it has sales representatives in Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines and Thailand. Yin said customers in Asia are relatively more interested in products of Chinese brands.

“We plan to go to India the second half of this year,” he said. “In general, Asian customers are quite interested in our products. There’s still a gap between products made in Western countries and those in here. European products are of a higher level compared with ours, especially those from Germany. But gradually, we are also improving all aspects of our products, including their appearance.”

According to him, some customers who used to buy western products had changed to Chinese products. “With the same functions, they may need to pay triple our prices if they go for western brands. The customers will consider the price-performance ratio and Chinese products are also good, so they have started to lean towards favouring us,” he explained.

A variety of products were introduced by Bang Cheng at the Guangzhou fair this year, including the ZJ series of plastic automatic feeding machine, CSG series of dehumidification dryer, STG-U series of hopper plastic dryer, ZDS series of vibrating screen, and other auxiliary equipment, many of them patented.

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