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Kevin Chang, Deputy General Manager, Runtai Knives Co. Ltd.
Kevin Chang, Deputy General Manager, Runtai Knives Co. Ltd.
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Runtai Knives Co. Ltd., a Taiwan manufacturer of industrial knives for crusher, cutting and milling, is looking to add automated equipment to its factory in mainland China to cope with an “unexpected” surge in orders from local customers.

According to its deputy general manager, Kevin Chang, the company started to produce its products in Zhangzhou city of Fujian province, China, in 2013 mainly for exports, but now it has to find ways to meet the fast growth in demand from local customers. He admitted the phenomenon made him “excited yet nervous”.

Since last year, the entire equipment industry has been busy. As parts suppliers, we’re also very busy,” said Chang. “Demand from our customers has been increasing significantly since last year. This is actually not what we’ve expected. We’ve only been in the mainland market for a few years – this is our fourth year here, although in Taiwan, we’ve been established for 37 years.”

Runtai Knives is related to Ruenyuan Knives Co. Ltd in Taiwan, which was set up in 1980 to sell industrial knives around the world and has designed its own machines with an output of about 1,000 tons.

Chang said the number of new customers increased after Runtai took part in CHINAPLAS in Shanghai last year, while old customers have increased their output. In the past, the plant in Zhangzhou targeted to deliver overseas orders within 30 days, but currently it can only promise about 60 days.

We need to expand our production, but I think everyone of us faces the same problem that it is hard to recruit enough workers. Today workers are not that eager to work in factories and they look for more benefits,” said Chang, adding a higher level of automation in the factory may be the solution. “Like others in the industry, we have been thinking about automation and adding in new equipment that can replace manpower.”

Despite the difficulty in recruiting workers, Chang said Runtai will stay in Fujian, as the place is relatively close to Taiwan, making it easier for Taiwanese staff to fly home. “I have to see my children frequently – at least every two weeks,” he said.

The Fujian plant has already doubled the quantity it used to have when it first started. It was built originally for exports under the company’s expansion plan, taking advantage of the cheaper land price in the mainland.

We first thought it wouldn’t be easy to sell our products in the mainland because our prices are higher compared with those of local suppliers. But after some marketing effort, such as through advertising in the media, more people have recognised us and our products,” Chang said.

He advised customers to make a six-month plan if they are interested in the company’s products so that they can arrange for delivery by stages.

He said most of the existing customers do not mind a longer wait in this transitional period. “Our products have high price-performance ratio and I believe they won’t want to change supplier,” he said. “Quality and stability are the most important. We do not develop too fast but the return rate of customers is high. We’re very proud of that.”

Chang said 90% of customers returned within two years for more products. The company’s business grew 30% last year and is expected to have 50% growth this year.

At CHINAPLAS 2017, Runtai showed its full range of high-precision products – both solid and inlay, including crusher knives, pelletizing knives, serrated knives, paper cutting knives and circular knives.

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