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PolyOne is showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of high performance polymer and colorant solutions at Wire Southeast Asia 2017.
PolyOne is showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of high performance polymer and colorant solutions at Wire Southeast Asia 2017.

PolyOne is featuring its comprehensive portfolio of high performance polymers and colorant solutions at the 12th International Wire & Cable Trade Fair for Southeast Asia (Wire Southeast Asia 2017) in Thailand.

These solutions range from flame retardant, non-halogenated, low smoke polymers and lightweight foam to cross-linkable polyethylene and high-temperature materials.

"As the wire and cable market in Southeast Asia continues to rapidly develop, new design solutions and innovative materials are more critical than ever to maintain a competitive edge," said Barto Du Plessis, PolyOne Vice President, Asia. "We have experience in developing specialty polymer formulations that meet the challenges these products face in extreme environments, and we are continuously developing new technologies to better meet the growing needs of our customers."

PolyOne's highlights include:
- OnCap Dry Silane Additives: Anti-oxidant agents, copper deactivators, and UV resistance agents that are flexible enough to be used with cross-linkable and standard thermoplastics on the same production line
- OnCap Nucleating Foaming Agent: Used with polyethylene compounds for manufacturing coaxial cables using a gas injection foaming process
- ECCOH Non-Halogenated Formulations: Highly flame retardant with extremely low toxicity and smoke density
- Syncure Cross-Linked Polyethylene Formulations: Two-step, silane-grafted, moisture cross-linkable polyethylene systems (XLPE) for improved heat, oil, creep and abrasion resistance
- Colorant Chromatics Cross-Linkable Formulations: Withstand high temperatures and offer superior cut-through resistance, abrasion resistance and mechanical toughness
- Colorant Chromatics Dispersed Pigments: For printing and striping, these feature uniform dispersion and are suitable for coating PTFE and FEP

Wire Southeast Asia 2017 is currently running in Bangkok, Thailand until September 21.

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