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Following last year's debut, the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) will once again organize Design in Plastics 2017, a product design, development and management conference, from November 6-8 in Detroit, the US.

Topics will include augmented and virtual reality, biomimicry, 3D printing, future of mobility, innovation management and design thinking, start-up advice, education trends, intellectual property protection, sustainability, and in-space manufacturing.

"Our mission is to create a dialogue across multiple disciplines offering valuable insights that are equally relevant to all participants – regardless of the processes run, materials used or end markets served," said Robert Grace, Conference Chair and Program Organizer. "It is through better understanding and communication that we get better end products."

This year's conference will take place at the College for Creative Studies, ranked as the No.3 design school in the US. The event will end in time on November 8 for interested attendees to go to Burton Manor in Livonia for SPE's 47th annual Automotive Innovation Awards dinner & gala.

At Design in Plastics, join presenters will be coming from: Aether Global Learning, Balance Inc., Bresslergroup, Case Western Reserve University, Chris Lefteri Design, Daimler Trucks, DESiN LLC, Eastman Chemical, Historiai, HP Inc., IN2Innovation, Include Fitness, Kinetic Vision, Local Motors, Lunar, Made In Space, NASA, Nonspec Inc., Nimble Services, One BusinessDesign, Portland State University, Priority Designs, SmartShape Design, Sundberg-Ferar, Thogus Products, and the University of Oregon.

Keynote speakers include Gregory Haye, General Manager of Local Motors Inc, and the tag-team of Raymond "Corky" Clinton of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and Made In Space Inc. co-founder Michael Snyder.

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