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EcoWeave, a highly durable tarp-like film that protects expensive, heavy raw metal materials.
EcoWeave, a highly durable tarp-like film that protects expensive, heavy raw metal materials.
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Cortec Corporation, a VpCI and MCI corrosion control technology supplier in the US, is introducing EcoWeave, a highly durable tarp-like film that protects expensive, heavy raw metal materials.

The company has expanded its capabilities to encompass onsite melt coating of EcoWeave at Cortec Coated Products (CCP) in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the US. Using Nordson's melters and slot die eliminate the need for dryers, resulting in bigger energy savings. A 100% solids coating process also eliminates solvent emissions.

In the past, Cortec has relied on outsourcing to make a few stock sizes of EcoWeave. This system works until users require custom details that are difficult to deliver with standard stock. "By making it in-house we have more flexibility," explained Robert Kean, Ph.D., Director of Cortec Laboratories.

With its new EcoWeave coating capabilities, Cortec said it will better serve the specialized needs of users by providing custom sizes or filling smaller orders with a shorter lead time. It can also monitor closely the quality of its products that roll off the machine.

Made from the same type of woven polyolefin film used to wrap lumber, EcoWeave is durable, yet lightweight and versatile. It offers a combination of tear resistance, durability, and VpCI chemistry to provide protection against harsh outdoor elements, physical damage, and corrosion.

After compounding VpCI masterbatch at its film extrusion plant in Cambridge, Minnesota, Cortec ships the masterbatch to CCP, where it is melt coated onto polyolefin film. This gives EcoWeave the proven vapor phase corrosion protection of Cortec VpCI film technology.

Metal parts packaged in EcoWeave receive continuous protection against salt environments, excessive humidity, condensation, moisture, aggressive industrial atmospheres, and dissimilar metal corrosion as the corrosion inhibitors vaporize and then condense on all metal surfaces inside the enclosed package. When unwrapped, the corrosion inhibitors evaporate, leaving the substrate corrosion-free and ready to use.

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