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The Tesla Model S 100D has been a part of the Brückner fleet since this summer. From left: Brückner directors Stefan Neumann, Helmut Huber, Michael Baumeister.
The Tesla Model S 100D has been a part of the Brückner fleet since this summer. From left: Brückner directors Stefan Neumann, Helmut Huber, Michael Baumeister.

Driven by the growth of electromobility, Brückner Maschinenbau said battery separator film (BSF) is a relatively new and interesting business field in a very dynamic future market.

Lithium-Ion batteries are an important part of the growing electromobility sector, whether in e-bikes, electric cars, e-scooters or as energy storage units, for example in portable electronic devices such as notebooks or smartphones.

In the batteries themselves the separator film is crucial for function, capacity, charging time and service life.

In order to produce the high quality BSF, Brückner offers various process technologies for high production efficiency and constantly good film: the patented EVAPORE process as well as lines and components for the wet process. Several lines for the production of BSF have already been sold in the last few years.

Helmet Huber, CEO of Sales and Product Management, said, "After considerable development investments in the last ten years, and due to our very positive response from leading film producers, the demand for our lines for the production of separator films has happily risen sharply. This year we were able to already sell ten lines with a total worth of over €130 million to insider producers in various Asian countries up to the end of September."

"We are also getting clear signals from battery and film producers that the confidence in investment will continue. Several recently announced purely electrically powered vehicles from the European automobile industry will with certainty lead to production facilities in Europe for batteries and the corresponding separator film."

Brückner invited numerous representatives from the electro and battery scene to its Siegsdorf, Germany headquarters for the Battery Separator Days. The newest developments around battery separator film production were presented to visitors from all over the world in the Brückner Technology Centre.

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