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injection mold 
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injection mold 
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Engel CEO Dr. Stefan Engleder (left) and CSO Dr. Christoph Steger speaking at a press conference.
Engel CEO Dr. Stefan Engleder (left) and CSO Dr. Christoph Steger speaking at a press conference.
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Engel Austria has continued its strong growth in recent years, and at Fakuma 2017, CEO Dr. Stefan Engleder said he is "very happy" with the result.

"In the current financial year, we are expecting revenues of approximately €1.5 billion," he said. This is a significant increase as compared to the previous year's revenue of €1.36 billion.

The company continued to grow in all regions and all relevant industries, according to Engleder. At 55%, Europe represents the lion's share of revenue. At this time, Engel is achieving 24% of its revenue in America and 20% in Asia.

Germany is one of the highest revenue markets of the Engel Group, as sales increased by 50% over the last five years. "Germany continues to be the most technologically advanced market and the greatest driver of innovation," emphasized Dr. Christoph Steger, CSO of the Engel Group. "In addition, German companies are continuing to advance their global expansion."

The Engel Deutschland Technologieforum Stuttgart, the youngest of the four German subsidiaries, has more than doubled its amount of personnel since opening in April of 2013. Since September of this year, the location includes a MuCell competence center that is equipped with a large foam injection molding cell for customer trials.

Its Hannover branch has significantly expanded and modernized with €5 billion investment. A new interactive technology center accommodates large machines with clamping forces up to 7,000kN. In addition to varying showpieces, the topics of lightweight construction and inject 4.0 are two permanent main exhibit areas.

Industry 4.0 is one of the strongest growth drivers worldwide, said the company. These are not only about changes in production processes, but rather new forms of collaboration.

"More and more, we are accompanying our customers throughout the entire life cycle of injection molding machines and production cells. Among other things, this involves even more intense consulting in planning production solutions, new possibilities in after-sales service such as predictive maintenance, continuous process optimization and the flexible adaptation of production solutions to changing tasks," explained Engleder.

For instance, Engel has launched at Fakuma the new customer portal called e-connect in a bid to simplify and speed up communication with processors, while providing an overview of the machinery, the processing status of service and support orders and the prices and availability of spare parts "anywhere, anytime".

In addition to online support and remote maintenance, the new version of e-connect supports predictive, condition-based maintenance. Under the name e-connect.monitor, Engel offers solutions for monitoring the condition of plasticising screws and spindles. The aim is to utilize the full lifespan of machine components while avoiding unscheduled system downtimes.

To meet the growing demand worldwide, Engel has begun an investment program three years ago that will see €375 million being used in upgrade and construction of its production facilities until 2020.

One of the major expansions currently underway is at Engel's Schwertberg headquarters. By autumn of 2018, the northern production hall there, which was constructed in 2013, will be expanded by 11,500sqm. In addition a new, significantly larger customer technology center is being built.

"We are working at full speed to rapidly drive the expansion forward, and are continuously readjusting plans and priorities to the actual conditions," said Engleder.

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