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Iris Fischer, Marketing Manager of Maag.
Iris Fischer, Marketing Manager of Maag.
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The new PEARLO underwater pelletizer from Maag has been specially designed to process mostly spherical pellets at low and high capacities.

With production rates of up to 36,000kg an hour, the system can be applied in the production of raw materials, compounds, masterbatches, engineering plastics, wood and nature filler filled polymer composites, thermoplastics elastomers, hot-melt adhesives, gum base and in the field of recycling.

“The new PEARLO underwater pelletizer is just another perfect example of what can be developed and achieved as a result of the new Maag, which combines the pelletizing expertise of Maag Automatik, Gala and RE Scheer with the pump and filtration systems expertise of Maag,” said Ueli Thuerig, President of Maag. “Our new organization is building better solutions together – leveraging our brightest and most experienced people combined with best practices across our entire enterprise to the benefit of our customers.”

The plastic melt is typically transferred to the die plate via the hydraulic startup valve. From the die plate, the heated melt is extruded through holes in a ring shape into the cutting chamber, which is flooded with process water. The cutter head then cuts the polymer into pellets, which are sent to the dryer via the process water.

In the dryer, the pellets are separated from the process water and moved on for further processing, while the process water is filtered, tempered and returned to the cutting chamber.

The new system is available in top-mounted and rail-type configurations and with automated and manual blade-advance capabilities which can be upgraded for automation.

Marketing Manager of Maag, Iris Fischer, said the new underwater pelletizer was the main highlight of the company at Fakuma 2017, and it will be brought to Asia through exhibiting in CHINAPLAS 2018 in Shanghai.

She said market response to the system has been encouraging while Asia, especially China, is full of potential for the product.

In fact, the plastics industry worldwide has been showing positive developments, evidenced by the visitor flows at Fakuma. The show is receiving an increasing number of visitors coming from outside Germany, Austria and Switzerland – the markets traditionally targeted.

“Fakuma is getting more international. We have visitors from America and Asia. I’m a bit surprised as it used to be a local show,” she said.

Other new products from Maag on display included the new screen changer models, designed to enhance filtration operations.

For example, a screen changer piston model features Maag’s modular, double-piston design that allows tailor-made adjustment of the filtration unit based on user’s unique process requirements.

The design permits the use of five different filter-cavity shapes within the same screen changer housing. The screen changers in sizes ranging from CSC-30 to CSC-400 with active filtration sizes of 2x7cm2 to 2x8m2 allow the user to individually choose specific design and operational characteristics, such as electric or liquid heating, nitrating or stainless-steel construction, specific flow-channel coatings, and high-temperature or high-pressure operation.

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