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Tobias Schneider, Commercial Manager of Erge.
Tobias Schneider, Commercial Manager of Erge.

Supplier of heating and cooling technologies, Erge, is considering other production bases in Europe to solve the problem of manpower shortage.

As many of Erge's products contain parts that are handmade, it is hard for the company to turn to automation, even though an increase in output has become a pressing need.

"At the moment, we have about 125 employees, but we need 20% more. We have 160% increase in turnover within nine months, so we need to expand," said Tobias Schneider, Commercial Manager.

"The handmade parts rely on the workers, who cannot be replaced by machines. We're located in Nuremburg. Unlike other countries, people in Germany don't like to travel from the north to work in the south."

He said the company has been thinking about building production bases in other places in Europe so as to be able to recruit more workers, each of them needs about six months to learn the skills required.

"Our workers are either very young or over 50, there is a gap between the two age groups," said Schneider.

Erge was founded in 1927 in Nuremberg as an electromechanical factory, which grew to become today's plant with about 6,300sqm of production space and 500sqm of administration area.
The company manufactures cylinder heaters; heaters with coolers; nozzle band heaters; tool heaters; coil heaters; thermocouples, resistance sensors; measure/control systems and so on.

The ERGE – MEFLEX – Ceramic heater introduced in 1965 was the first flexible ceramic heater made in Germany. It is used in the plastic industries for heating injection moulding machines, extruders and blow moulding machines, and has been an OEM standard to many machinery companies.

In 2005, Erge started to produce in China in order to reduce the costs of exporting products to Asia. There are currently about 50 trained workers in the China factory, which is located in Haiyan county of Zhejiang province.

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