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BASF offers a broad portfolio of material and system solutions for industrial 3D printing.
BASF offers a broad portfolio of material and system solutions for industrial 3D printing.

BASF launches a wide range of industrial 3D printing solutions in Asia Pacific. These new solutions can help vastly accelerate development cycles by enabling the production of complex parts and allow individual designs, while reducing costs for small scale production.

“With our new offerings of 3D printing materials for open systems, we aim to meet the rising demand for 3D printing technology and to support the growth of key industries in Asia Pacific, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods,” said Michael Tang, Senior Business Development Manager for 3D printing, BASF Asia Pacific.

Using 3D printing to produce individually shaped plastic and metal parts has now moved beyond design prototyping and is now becoming a widespread option for functional prototyping in Asia Pacific, explained Michael Tang. He also remarked that Asia Pacific is predicted to be the fastest-growing region in the global 3D printing market, he remarked.

To develop and test solutions for customers, BASF has established two 3D printing labs at the BASF Innovation Campus Shanghai, China, along with its 3D Printing Application Technology Center in Heidelberg, Germany.

Meanwhile, at TCT Asia 2018 will take place 1-3 March in Shanghai, China, BASF will showcase a wide range of material solutions:

  • Plastic filaments: Carbon fiber filled polyethylene terephthalate (Innofil3D PET CF) and polyamide (Innofil3D PAHT CF) for printing strong and stiff parts.
  • Metal Filaments: Ultrafuse stainless steel filament allows the production of 100% metal parts via FFF Printing and an industrial-standard debinding- and sintering process.
  • Plastic powders: Presenting the family of Ultrasint PA6 (polyamide 6) materials for powder bed fusion to develop tough functional parts, including flame retardant and mineral filled (extra strength and toughness) variants.
  • Photopolymers: Photo-Resins for SLA & DLP systems (ABS-like, PP-like, and a resin for high-temperature resistant parts). Photo-Resins for Jetting are ready for qualification on specific 3D-Printers.

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