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More than 70 plastics and automobile experts attended the automotive conference that ENGEL hosted in Tehran together with its Iranian sales partner Varzidehkar.
More than 70 plastics and automobile experts attended the automotive conference that ENGEL hosted in Tehran together with its Iranian sales partner Varzidehkar.
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ENGEL hosted an automotive conference in Tehran together with its Iranian sales partner Varzidehkar. More than 70 plastics and automobile experts from local manufacturing companies attended.

The high level of interest in the conference reflects the positive development of the automotive industry in Iran in the last eighteen months. The domestic automotive market is growing, and at the same time manufacturers are targeting the surrounding markets”, reports Christian Reisinger, ENGEL Sales Director for Middle East/Central Asia.

“Many companies are modernising their operations to take this trend into account. We are noticing the market's focus on quality from the increasing demands for innovative processing technologies,” he remarked.

According to ENGEL, the conference participants came from 30 companies of the automotive and parts industry from the industrial regions of Tehran, Mashad, Isfahan and Tabriz. It was mainly managing directors and technical managers who wanted to find out about the new technological possibilities, reference projects and international market trends.

Multi-component systems often in use

Among other things, the presentations focused on multi-component processes that enable both higher-quality products and significantly more efficient production processes.

ENGEL has recently supplied numerous multi-component injection moulding machines and integrated production cells to customers in Iran for the manufacture of, for example, headlamps, interior components and bumpers.

The fact that Iranian processors are equally committed to efficiency and quality when it comes to process integration is also illustrated by their great interest in DecoJect.

The technology combines injection moulding with in-mould-graining in a roll-to-roll process to enable a high-quality surface finish and great flexibility for small batch sizes along with low unit costs.

Expertise in lightweight design from a single source

Lightweight design was another main focus of the presentations, and this topic was discussed from different angles. Michael Fischer, Head of Business Development Technologies at ENGEL’s headquarters in Austria, presented various possibilities that help to reduce both the use of raw materials and component weight, from glazing using polycarbonate to structural foam moulding and innovative composite solutions.

“In order to manufacture fibre composite components in automotive large-scale production in a cost-efficient manner, we need new highly integrated and, above all, fully automated processes,” explained Fischer. He brought several components to demonstrate the state of the art as well as the great potential of innovative technologies.

In addition to the presentations, technology experts from ENGEL and Varzidehkar were available for individual discussions with the attendees. This involved initial assessments of new projects as well as the continued optimisation of existing production lines.

Innovations for high competitiveness

The proximity to the customers in Iran is also reflected by the invitation received from a very large local automotive supplier. The day after the official conference, ENGEL and Varzidehkar organised an individually designed in-house event for the customer.

At three locations in Tehran, the company produces a wide range of vehicle components on more than 700 injection moulding machines, from small plugs and cable harnesses to visible components for the vehicle interior as well as rear lights and bumpers.

“Innovative processing technologies are increasingly becoming a competitive factor for this customer,” says Christian Reisinger. “As part of this exclusive event, we were able to draw on our customer's current projects.”

As on the first official conference day, the attendees were particularly interested in saving on material and weight as well as in high-quality surfaces manufactured particularly efficiently.

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