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injection mold 
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injection mold 
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JM328-MK6 injection molding machine.
JM328-MK6 injection molding machine.
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Chen Hsong showcases a MK6, the company’s sixth generation of servo drive injection molding machine developed based on Japanese technology to offer a high degree of intelligence and reliability.

Equipped with the all new, highly intelligent MPC 6.0 computer controller with a wider display, this exhibit machine is easier and smoother to operate. The JM398-MK6 injection molding machine is to produce in-mold labeled ice buckets for beer, an application which casts stringent requirements on the precision and stability of an injection molding machine. The pro of this is very low energy consumption for bringing energy saving, environmental and high efficiency benefits to the food industry.

Chen Hsong believes that all customers want the same things: good product and good services, and the company is confident in the competitiveness of its products. It considers that artificial intelligence (AI), which is becoming more and more mature, will gradually develop into a transformative force of development, leading the change from traditional technology.

The company is looking to provide more modernized “intelligent equipment chain” to the industry. It also strives to provide quicker, more personalized services to customers through adopting AI technologies.

In the short-to-medium term, it plans to steer its research and design work towards three directions: enhanced efficiency, high precision and better reliability.

Chen Hsong’s two-platen machines apply the technology of “Precision Hydraulics”, developed based on Japanese technology, which can largely reduce the shocks and vibrations produced during machine operation.

Much of Chen Hsong’s technological R&D took cue from Japanese technology. “The Japanese are known to believe in the relentless pursuit of perfection (zero defects), continuous improvement, and methodology (trouble-shooting down to the root),” described the company. “Through the long-term cooperation with Mitsubishi, Chen Hsong has learnt the essence of many Japanese technologies, and believes that achieving zero defects is ultimately a strong win-win for both the company and customers.”

Chen Hsong realizes a rising demand for all-electric machines recently. However, they have to be properly used, that is, to bring true values to customers. The company started researching on all-electric machines back in 2000. It realizes that there are certainly parts that fit well with an all-electric machine, but for 99% of applications, a high precision hydraulic machine delivers almost the same performance and quality at a fraction of the cost. This explains why even developed countries (such as Europe and the US) are predominantly hydraulic, with all-electric machines taking up only a portion of the market.

Chen Hsong believes that all-electric technology will develop at high speeds while its R&D tends towards technologies that bring true values, that is, high efficiency, high precision and high reliability. Furthermore, it plans to take a two-track approach in developing all-electric and hydraulic machines.

Looking ahead, as the macro market will maintain a positive development trend in 2018, Chen Hsong sees a better opportunity for development and a larger market potential. In future, it will continue to focus on core technology with higher technology and higher reliability, believing that it is the quickest and most in-depth way to promote the development of the whole industry and to enhance customers’ investment returns.

Challenges in 2018 include the significant impact brought to the industry by some uncontrollable factors, such as the policy push towards tighter and stricter environmental protection in China. Chen Hsong anticipated that the tightening of policies will hamper the activities of many customers in the short run. However, higher environmental awareness and more actions are for the long-term good of the humans, and companies should fulfill this social responsibility in their course of development.

“Therefore, Chen Hsong will take all necessary measures to support the government’s environmental policies,” it assured. “It will also put the environment first in new product development in order to support China’s sustainable development plan.”

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