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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Kodak Xiao, Group Marketing Director for Packaging, Packaging and Specialty Plastics, Asia Pacific.
Kodak Xiao, Group Marketing Director for Packaging, Packaging and Specialty Plastics, Asia Pacific.

Dow is presenting a dazzling array of down-to-earth products and solutions to benefit a range of industries, from packaging to transportation and from consumer goods to infrastructure.

To keep pace with the rising demands to improve living standards, the focus is on convenience, comfort, quality and safety in our daily lives.

Dow’s star product, INNATE Precision Packaging Resin, makes industrial films, consumer bags, liquid containers thinner yet tougher. One of Dow’s latest solutions, it enables packaging with superior performance, safeguarding the solid and liquid food content in stand-up pouch, and rice bag packed through the most difficult logistics and supply chain.

Equally innovative is the easy-to-tear tenter frame biaxially oriented polyethylene (TF-BOPE) film, with the advantages of strengthening the mechanical performance of packaging, such as rice bags and heavy-duty shipping sacks.

For better protection to goods against abrasion and compression, while rendering enhanced user experience for yoga mat and kids play-mat, Dow’s patent-filed technology for EPE foam (Enhanced Polyethylene Foam) combines the properties of DOW’s unique octene comonomer-based LLDPE and LDPE to give the finished foam product higher tear strength and compressive strength with down-weighting potential compared to conventional foam made of LDPE.

An ideal solution for nonwovens in infant diapers, feminine napkin and adult incontinence products, medical drapes and garments, and filtration products in the health and hygiene segment, Dow is featuring ASPUN? Fiber Resins, which increase softness and comfort while maintaining strength, abrasion resistance in fabrics such as bico-spunbond nonwovens and mono polyethylene (PE) spunbond nonwoven.

Analysis of global trends

Kodak Xiao, Group Marketing Director for Packaging, Packaging and Specialty Plastics, Asia Pacific, said that the F&B and home & personal care packaging industry sees an increased focus on sustainability, recyclability, structure simplification and reduction of food wastage. “Dow’s solutions enable customers and brand owners to take the packaging to the next level in terms of performance and aesthetics, significantly minimizing packaging failures & food wastage while also offering opportunities to recyclable and downgauge,” he said.

To enable the circular economy, Dow is also finding means to get the post-consumer packaging back into the value chain by making it useful and recyclable like the all-PE packaging. “With Asia-Pacific being the biggest consumer of flexible packaging and a shift from bigger pack sizes to smaller unit packs for convenience and cost, the opportunities for growth are tremendous in all flexible packaging formats & sizes,” he noted.

With e-commerce becoming part of modern lifestyle today, the solutions enhance consumers’ shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction as the packaging integrity remain - after going through several rough handling and rushed deliveries - upon reaching the destination. He explained that everyone in the value chain making a purchase is able to contribute to sustainability by opting for plastics resin that makes thinner and stronger film and the product wrapped by it.

On the other hand, to remain competitive in the area of transportation, automotive manufacturers and suppliers must deliver improved fuel economy, safety and premium aesthetics. “By 2019, global light vehicle production is expected to exceed 100 million units per year, according to WardsAuto/AFS Global Light-Vehicle Production Outlook, 2015. This increases the need for efficient and effective product offerings. Specialty elastomers from Dow can help in the production of thinner, lower-density parts and high-performance weather seal solutions,” added Takayuki Ohba, Group Marketing Director for Infrastructure, Consumer and Transportation, Packaging and Specialty Plastics, Asia Pacific.

All eyes on Asia Pacific

The future is bright, according to Kodak Xiao: UN statistics and forecast show that the population in APAC will reach 5.3 billion by 2050. Meanwhile, the urbanization ratio will soar from 48.2% in 2015 to 64.2% by 2050. “With a greater population and more people moving into the cities, the demand for packaging, infrastructure and transportation will continue to grow in line with the GDP,” he commented. With Dow’s expansion and huge asset investments in both Saudi and US gulf coast, the company is ready to provide enough solutions to APAC to cope with that huge growth potential in both quantity and quality of packaging. He pointed out that by 2030, 2/3 of the global middle class will live in the Asia Pacific region, up from 1/3 in 2009. With that, people will demand better quality and greater convenience and more sustainable packaging in their daily life.

“In addition to China, we are expecting countries like India, Vietnam, and Indonesia to grow significantly in their packaging demand in the foreseeable future,” he added.

The future is sustainability and recycling

Looking ahead, packaging and Specialty Plastics will focus on developing more on sustainable solutions, aligned with many countries’ focus on sustainability and recycling. Kodak Xiao said: “For example, we recently developed an innovative formulation of polyethylene (PE) resins to create a new sustainable all PE laminate solution with flexible packaging applications. Current flexible packaging solutions contain multiple layers of different polymers and additives that are incompatible during the recycling process, requiring complex processes break down. Dow's revolutionary mono-material all PE laminate packaging solution brings to the table a solution that does not compromise on - aesthetics, brand perception and performance while the postconsumer packaging will remain 100 percent recyclable at the end of its lifecycle. This creates more value for the brand owners while contributing to the society.”

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