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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Barto Du Plessis, Vice President PolyOne Asia and General Manager Colorant Chromatics Group at PolyOne.
Barto Du Plessis, Vice President PolyOne Asia and General Manager Colorant Chromatics Group at PolyOne.

Leaders of two prominent exhibitors at CHINAPLAS 2018 have been talking with the show’s organizer Stanley Chu, Chairman of Adsale Group, about the companies’ recipe for continuous growth in China, their leadership style and vision for the market.

Mr Chu is also Honorary Life President of Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association (HKECIA), and Chair of UFI Asia/ Pacific Chapter.


Barto Du Plessis, Vice President PolyOne Asia and General Manager Colorant Chromatics Group at PolyOne.

Chu: What would you think are the major milestones of PolyOne’s business in recent years and how do you see the company’s growth in China?

Du Plessis: In 2015, PolyOne established its new Innovation Center in Shanghai. The new Innovation Center houses cutting-edge laboratory facilities, an interactive product display and a modern training facility, where customers can collaborate with PolyOne’s technical and marketing experts to accelerate development.

Activities taking place here include regional and global R&D projects focused on high-growth end markets, such as healthcare, packaging, transportation, electronics and consumer goods.

Also, the new center serves as the company’s regional headquarters to co-locate and foster Business Unit synergies, providing world class office work space and an environment that attracts and retains talented employees.

In the same year, PolyOne purchased Magenta Master Fibers. Magenta’s solutions span a wide range of end uses, including clothing and apparel, outdoor equipment, high-performance products and multiple materials used in the transportation industry. And consistent with the megatrend of improving health and wellness, Magenta’s additional textile growth opportunities include applications within the hygiene, healthcare and medical markets.

In 2016, PolyOne acquired certain technologies and assets from Kraton Performance Polymers, Inc. to expand its global footprint and expertise in thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) innovation and design.

The end markets utilizing the acquired technologies span new and fast-growing applications in adhesive and removable protective films, as well as existing applications served by PolyOne, such as packaging, medical devices and personal care products.

Over the past 2-3 years, the China market was consistently the fastest growing economy in the world, and China’s economy still holds a top spot today. Clearly, China is essential to our success in the future.

Our innovation pipeline remains robust with unique, differentiated solutions for high-growth end markets, such as healthcare, transportation, consumer electronics, packaging and textile, which are poised to drive growth far into the future.

Chu: What are the crucial factors for success for PolyOne in China? What would you like to achieve in the coming five years?

Du Plessis: PolyOne’s customer-focused business units are distinguished by the breadth and depth of their materials, services and technologies. Our businesses serve a diverse array of end markets and hold leading industry positions. We share a commitment to delivering specialized, value-creating solutions and building long-term partnerships with customers.
PolyOne’s Asia Innovation Center.
Inspired by our customers’ challenges, we have developed advanced materials that help solve the toughest issues facing manufacturers, including selecting the right material, streamlining logistics and, manufacturing, colorants and design. Our material science and formulation expertise enables customers to reach new markets, achieve sustainability goals, improve profitability, increase performance, and gain competitive advantage. Further, our global network can effectively serve these customers throughout the world.

In the past year, we continuously improved our product portfolio and each individual product’s performance. In Asia, we also have three innovation centers that specialize in R&D, two in Shanghai and one in Seoul. And over the last three years, we have increased our sales, marketing and R&D resources by nearly 20%.

In the next five years, the China market will remain very important to us and there is ample potential for sales growth here. As companies continue to widen their global manufacturing footprints, the demand for advanced technologies, especially in healthcare packaging, premium packaging and consumer electronics sectors, is on the rise. We work hard to serve our local customers and drive growth in China.

Chu: What is your leadership style and business philosophy? As a leader of your company, how do you see your role and the challenges you face?

Du Plessis: Considering the diverse cultural experiences in my career, I have learned the value of situational leadership and that each team requires the leadership style that enables them to be as successful as possible, leading to company success.

The way I see my role is to lead through inspiring, and empowering, individuals and teams to achieve company goals and, of course, being in China, one challenge for me would be to communicate effectively.

Chu: What kind of corporate culture or core values would you like to build in your organization?

Du Plessis: There are four aspects: Specialization, Globalization, Commercial Excellence and Operational Excellence.

Drawing upon a deep knowledge of polymers, formulations and polymer processing, we provide customers with the innovative solutions they need to compete and win. Our value-creating offerings extend beyond materials to help customers who care about service, technology and problem-solving.

We are expanding in the same high-growth markets where customers are migrating so that no matter where they operate, we are well-positioned to meet their needs.

To earn our standing as a trusted supplier and consultant, we strive to know our customers, understanding what they value and driving end-to-end solutions. And by committing to continuous improvement, we help drive efficiency and profitable growth. We strive to reduce complexity, freeing customers to turn their attention where it belongs: to their customers.

Chu: What was the greatest obstacle or crisis that you have ever encountered in your career? How do you strike a work life balance?

Du Plessis: Whether it’s your career, or personal life, we are all faced with unique challenges every day. It is all a question of perspective and attitude…

I am an optimistic person with a “can do” attitude and I am fortunate being surrounded by an exceptional team of people who can support, and guide me, when having to make tough choices, and create ways to overcome these perceived obstacles.

Finding the right balance is tough, especially having global roles. However, when your family is engaged in the journey, I believe the journey turns into an adventure, creating excitement for all.

I don’t have a magic solution other than to also be very engaged in my family’s activities and to spend as much time as I can to enjoy with my children while trusting my team to ensure our business runs efficiently and effectively.

We aim, as a family, to take at least one vacation a year, with mini-breaks in-between, exploring Asia, and during these times I will minimize phone calls and e-mails to spend as much quality time as possible with my family, and to allow my team members, who are taking care of the business in my absence, to grow in their respective roles.

Being passionate is, what I believe, to be one of the most important aspects of how we do things, regardless of whether this is work, or family. “It is only impossible until you do it.”

A myriad of new materials from PolyOne

PolyOne’s Color & Additives, ColorMatrix, Colorant Chromatics, SEM, GLS, POD and PP&S business units are showcasing in CHINAPLAS 2018 a variety of new materials designed to help improve the appearance and performance of products. The technologies include:

InVisiO 2019.
InVisiO Color Inspiration 2019 +: This year’s collection begins with minerals of the Stone Age and hand-made art of indigenous cultures. It detours for a look at the sometimes-unnerving techno natural aesthetic of today, and investigates the ways that our shared heritage will leave its mark on upcoming color, material and finish preferences.

The 2019-and-beyond collection of four influential and emerging color palettes examines a world in flux, one where we honor our heritage, seek nature in materials, embrace techno-uncertainty, and cherish true craft.

OnColor Brilliant Metallic Colorants: a striking new line of special effect masterbatches that finally meet the need for paint replacement and premium surface finish. As the newest members of PolyOne’s portfolio of OnColor FX special effects in Asia, Brilliant Metallic colorants rely on superior coatings-grade pigments. Uniquely shaped and sized particles enable these metallic shades to replicate the look of paint, and may even help customers to replace metal parts or plating for plastic parts.

ColorMatrix Lactra SX: helps extends the shelf life of light-sensitive dairy products such as Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk and protein-enhanced yoghurts by providing 99.9% light blocking. LactraSX is the only commercially available fully light-blocking white additive to be compliant with the latest Chinese Food Approval standards (GB).

COMPTEK High-Temperature Polymer Concentrates: Specialty COMPTEK formulations for high-heat applications, with the help of select fiber reinforcements, fillers and additives, are customized to meet performance needs for specific applications. Colors are also customizable, including transparent or opaque looks.

High Temperature Polymers Solutions: enable manufacturers to add custom colors and functional solutions to high-temperature polymers such as PEEK, PEI, PSU and fluoropolymers. Added-value functionality includes conductivity, radio-opacity and cross-linking.

Stat-Tech Dissipative and Conductive Materials: provides specially engineered, antistatic, ESD and RFI/EMI shielding performance for critical electronic equipment applications.

GLS TPEs for Automotive HVAC Seals: improves driver and passenger safety and comfort with industry-leading TPE technology that has been proven to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 50% and fogging by 35% versus existing TPEs for heating / ventilation / air conditioning applications.

 Versaflex CE.Versaflex CE thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) for portable audio speakers: These new materials are formulated to improve design, performance and processing capabilities versus traditional silicone, thermoplastic urethane (TPU), or thermoplastic vulcanizates.

The new materials enhance speaker skin design with a silky feel, excellent colorability and outstanding resistance to abrasion and environmental effects like water and dust.

Geon Vinyl Total Portfolio: delivers excellent flame, chemical, and UV light resistance as a cost-effective alternative to various engineered polymers.

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