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BASF’s new lightweight solutions for automakers
Issue date:24/04/2018
CPRJ Editorial Team
Memory foam-embedded bus seat using MDI.
Memory foam-embedded bus seat using MDI.

BASF is showing how innovations from chemistry can bring a shine to life.

One of the highlights is a range of new material solutions to help automotive manufacturers in China reduce the weight of vehicles while improving their style and comfort.

A new headlamp in production with Hyundai Genesis G70 is being unveiled at the show. Featuring BASFs thermoplastic Ultrason E, the part enables compact design owing to its superior heat resistant performance.

BASF is also launching a stylish new solution for door handles, made with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which offers excellent adhesion to thermoplastics, softness and high temperature resistance combined, as well as good vibration damping for greater comfort.

A memory foam-embedded bus seat using MDI (methylene diphenyl di-isocyanate) is also displayed. It brings a superior level of comfort to passengers. The seat retains its feel even after being subjected to a weight stress test, according to the company. Besides, its low odor property ensures good air quality for passengers inside the confined environment of a bus.

In addition, BASFs stylish solutions for mobility help reduce vehicles fuel consumption by saving weight. A step board showcased at the show is 40% lighter than conventional materials.

Visitors can take part in BASFs fashion shows at the fair, which demonstrate innovative materials applied in various fields, such as consumer products, apparel, and technology, automation, daily life, infrastructure, etc. These material solutions aim to shape and facilitate a unique vision of future urban lifestyles.

BASF and four internationally recognized partners, from industrial, consumer to construction and transportation, are also launching a group of all-new co-creation projects at the show.

The companies will be holding Tech Talks to provide behind-the-scenes insights on the collaboration process from material selection to production.

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