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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Crowds of professionals from plastics and rubber industry have been attracted to the CHINAPLAS 2018.
Crowds of professionals from plastics and rubber industry have been attracted to the CHINAPLAS 2018.

The second day of CHINAPLAS 2018 turns to the hot topic of medical plastics - their latest innovations and applications in the medical and healthcare fields, as well as the 3rd Industry 4.0 Conference, which opens today.

CHINAPLAS has gathered more than 1,100 global exhibitors offering solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors to showcase their technologies, including new materials, equipment and processes.

A series of medical-related concurrent events, collectively known as "Medical Plastics Connect", are being launched to present the latest medical plastics technologies from renowned suppliers, providing medical device, disposables and packaging manufacturers with the most advanced solutions.

Activities include the "Medical Plastics Open Forum", "Medical Plastic Product Pop-up Kiosk", the "Medical Plastics Guidebook" and "Medical Plastics Guided Tour".

The "Medical Plastics Open Forum" is being held today (April 25) from 10:30 to 13:30 at booth 4.2T51 (the venue of Tech Talk). At the forum, topics such as solution for Oncology IV Device, the potential use of novel Cyclic Block Copolymer (CBC) in medical applications, medical plastics application trend - TPE material development and market drive, production of diagnostics - top efficient manufacturing and automation of pipettes, Petri dishes and blood tubes, etc. are included.

At the same time, global renowned medical plastics technology suppliers are to give in-depth analysis from the aspects of product design, raw materials, components, manufacturing equipment, molding processes and in-field applications of products, while sharing the knowledge of the latest medical plastics applications and industry trends with manufacturers of medical devices, consumables and medical packaging.

"Medical Plastic Product Pop-up Kiosk" - a showcase of great variety of products manufactured from the most advanced medical plastics technologies and materials - can be found at booths 5.1P39 and 4.2T51.

In the newly introduced "Medical Plastics Guided Tours", visitors will be led to the booths of selected medical solution providers, so that they can meet the technical experts face-to-face to find out more about the solutions they need.

A "Medical Plastics Guidebook" is also downloadable from the CHINAPLAS official website for visitors to master first-hand technology news. Contents include medical plastics solution highlights, introduction of advanced technology and a list of medical plastics solution providers.

Double-digit growth for medical equipment market

The market for medical devices - implantable in particular - is expanding rapidly along with economic developments. Among an ageing population, health awareness is enhanced and relevant support policies strengthened.

According to data of a Chinese research network,, China's medical equipment market value has exceeded RMB 100 billion, with an impressive growth rate of about 23% a year on average. As further growth is expected, medical device manufacturers are keen to search for medical-grade, high-tech materials.

Focusing on "Smart Manufacturing", "Innovative Materials" and "Green Solutions", CHINAPLAS 2018 aims to facilitate the formation of the new trends - safety, precision, and smart manufacturing - in the medical industry, introducing to it the high standard materials and advanced technology.

Plastics have the advantages of being light, tough, strongly anti-permeable, transparent and easy to mold. Compared with other raw materials, such as cermets, plastics are lower in costs and safer, which explain their increasingly extensive application.

From pharmaceutical packaging to disposable medical equipment, such as syringes, tubes, infusion sets and surgical instruments, plastics become ubiquitous. High-tech medical plastics are surely going to have significantly greater market share and influence as demand in imart factories presentations 2018 is expected to reach 6,411,700 tons.

To meet the needs of various application industries, a myriad of practical automation solutions has been developed. VDMA, German Engineering Federation, continues to provide their prolonged support to CHINAPLAS, and once again holds the concurrent event "Industry 4.0 Conference" together with the show organizer.

The conference focuses on practical examples and Industry 4.0 new business model. Smart plastics processing factories are to present real cases of how they achieved lean and automated production and how to increase efficiency of assembling and processing. Problems faced by the auto, E&E and packaging industry professionals during manufacturing upgrading is also a topic of discussion.

In another concurrent event, "Tech Talk", technologies related to smart manufacturing are being released at the "Smart Manufacturing Session" and "Intelligent Injection Molding Session". These include automation/robotics, micro-injection molding, digitalization and utilization of big data, manufacturing execution system (MES), 3D printing and many other hot topics.

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