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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Covestro's booth at CHINAPLAS 2018.
Covestro's booth at CHINAPLAS 2018.

Believing that imagination stimulates innovation, Covestro is exhibiting under the theme of “Let’s Play”, aiming to provide an open, interactive and interesting space at CHINAPLAS, Asia’s largest plastics and rubber technology show, for industry players and inspire manufacturers, engineers and designers from different industries with its leading material technologies.

A series of thematic activities include seminars for experts to exchange knowledge and ideas from today (April 25) until the 27th, as well as delivering keynote presentation at the CMF Design Forum tomorrow (April 26).

 “These activities can help deepen our conversations and communications with industry experts and customers, and strengthen cooperation along the industry value chain,” said Holly Lei, Senior Vice President, Business Unit Polycarbonates, Covestro Asia Pacific. “We will pay wide attention to the future trends in the automotive, medical and consumer industries and alike. Also, we will communicate with industry players and explore material solutions that can be applied in future technologies.”

Ms Lei observed that the world economy and industry have been rapidly changing in recent years, as things are becoming more and more digitalized and globalized. At the same time, the long-term problems of resource shortage and environmental pollution continue to exist, and therefore, progressive and sustainable long-term solutions are required to deal with these issues.

In China market, which is moving up along the value chain by means of intelligent manufacturing following the supply side reforms and the advancement of the “Made in China 2025” strategy, sustainability has been made the core of the economic reform strategy and efforts have been continuously made in recent years to drive the development of green industries and sustainable technologies.

All these trends pose new requirements on materials, said Ms Lei. The materials used for product manufacturing have to be excellent in all aspects. They have to fulfill a product’s functional and aesthetic requirements while being cost-saving to manufacturers. Furthermore, they have to be environmentally friendly and energy-saving during production and use, so that their impact on the environment can be reduced, she explained.

Ms Lei said Covestro upholds two pillars of development: “sustainability” and “innovation”, and is committed to “sustainable operations through the use of innovative processes and first-class technologies”.

“By integrating environmental responsibility into our products and production processes, we not only achieve lower energy consumption and operation costs, but also become capable of controlling and reducing emissions effectively,” she said.

The trends of digitalization and sustainability will pose significant impact on the future development of Covestro. In recent years, it has launched various digitalization projects and applied digital technologies in many respects, including production lines, supply chain and R&D.

Furthermore, sustainability is a core element in corporate development at Covestro, which plans to focus on the R&D and applications of sustainable products in the market, for example, electric vehicles, LEDs, as well as green and energy saving buildings. This strategy will have significant influence on the company’s R&D inputs and planning.

Holly Lei, Senior Vice President, Business Unit Polycarbonates, Covestro Asia Pacific.Regarding focus of future growth, Ms Lei pointed out that the automotive industry requires innovative solutions to develop new concepts - this is a direction that Covestro takes into account when doing R&D in the polycarbonate field.

 In future, the company will focus on providing products that are lightweight with high-level of optical performance and clarity - in line with the demands of industry trends.

Covestro also plans to increase the market share of its non-repetitive business by focusing on the more stringent applications in the automotive, medical and electronics/LED industries. It will also strengthen its innovation in fiber-reinforced composite materials.

As the world is faced with power shortage, future products have to be made to use less fossil fuel. Therefore, products and applications have to be more lightweight and with a higher resource utilization rate. “As Covestro’s core corporate philosophy, sustainability will continue to be our investment direction guide. We will continue to put an emphasis on the R&D of sustainable material products and increase our input on applications in the green and new energy market. We will also further reduce the carbon footprint and enhance the energy utilization rate of our material production value chain,” said Ms Lei.

New Makrolon Rx3440 polycarbonate
Covestro is showcasing its new Makrolon Rx3440 as well as other leading high-impact polycarbonate products.

Makrolon Rx3440 polycarbonate is an innovative medical material used in luer connectors and other IV components. According to the company, extensive lab testing has shown that the material provides best-in-class properties, especially cracking resistance to solvents found in oncology drugs and help prevent damage to connector components. 

The material also has other favorable physical properties such as modulus, heat resistance and impact resistance to provide reliable IV connections.

Booth: 7.2D41

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