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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Wang Ruixiang, Executive Deputy General Manager of Kawata Machinery Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co Ltd.
Wang Ruixiang, Executive Deputy General Manager of Kawata Machinery Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co Ltd.
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Kawata Machinery Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co Ltd is a wholly-owned China subsidiary of Japan’s Kawata Manufacturing Co Ltd. Established over 20 years ago, Kawata Shanghai has been devoted to enhancing its capacity for integrating and innovating plastic molding peripheral equipment. It has also been striving to accumulate technical expertise in such areas as material drying, temperature control, metering, conveying and mixing, and is currently developing itself into an innovative and service-oriented manufacturing enterprise.

Three thematic display zones

As introduced by Wang Ruixiang, Executive Deputy General Manager of Kawata Machinery Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co Ltd, the company’s booth at CHINAPLAS 2018 is divided into three themes: IoT, optics and new materials.

The IoT zone is where the PRO-MASTER H series - the new generation of smart products from Kawata Shanghai - is showcased. Fitted with smart controllers, they can be WiFi-connected and use the industrial IoT to realize connectivity among equipment in order to be in line with the future smart factory trend.

The optics zone shows Kawata Shanghai’s optical equipment, including the original Japanese DO nitrogen gas dehumidifying dryer and DNH nitrogen gas dehumidifying dryer. The DNH is also a member of the brand new PRO-MASTER H series. As for the new materials zone, the main exhibit is Kawata Shanghai’s high-speed metering and mixing equipment for use in the presently hottest new energy and new materials industries.

Focus on new energy, new materials and optics industries

According to Mr Wang, as energy issues are becoming more pronounced in society today, the new energy and new materials industries will definitely be a key direction for future development. Kawata Shanghai’s SM series of high-speed fluidizing mixers has been widely used in the treatment of cathode and separator materials for lithium batteries; therefore, it is anticipated to have enormous room for development in future.

Another development emphasis of Kawata Shanghai is on the optics field, which is also a relatively hot industry at present. On display at CHINAPLAS 2018, the DNH nitrogen gas dehumidifying dryer is for treating optical lens related materials, including mobile phone lenses, monitor lenses, vehicle-borne images, dashboard cameras, and VR/AR lenses.

Mr Wang stressed that in the next few years, Kawata Shanghai will put emphasis on the new energy and new materials industries while making use of the IoT to achieve fully-automated production, flexible manpower production, and smart manufacturing at client sites.

Transform into service-oriented enterprise

He added that it is necessary to keep pace with market developments and accurately capture the orientation of China’s national policies. Constant innovation is required, with the focus on product updating and upgrading, as well as enterprise innovation. “Maintenance Free” is the brand philosophy of Kawata Shanghai, which is being gradually transformed from simply an equipment manufacturing company to a service-oriented enterprise. Through connecting with clients and providing attentive services, the company shares success with the clients.

Mr Wang further pointed out that from a broad perspective, China is increasing its support for new energy and new materials enterprises, while from an industrial perspective, the homogenous development of competitors, the rise in environmental costs and the pressure imposed by increasing raw material costs will drive Kawata Shanghai to constantly pursue technology innovation to become more competitive on the basis of cost control. After all, Kawata is faced with an ever-increasing speed in new technology update.

Booth: 3J71

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