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Sacmi’s booth at CHINAPLAS 2018.
Sacmi’s booth at CHINAPLAS 2018.

Never underestimate the efforts behind a tiny bottle cap. At Sacmi’s booth, the company is showcasing its cap manufacturing and total quality control technology: Sacmi’s compression press range enhanced with new cap-preform integrated design services. Alongside these solutions are its CHS inspection systems for total cap quality control and the advanced Sacmi line supervisor, which manages orders and monitors all plant performance parameters, even remotely.

“Present in China for over 30 years, Sacmi combines advanced technology with far-reaching, efficient after-market assistance. A key factor on a market like China where over 50% of consumers now see quality and safety as crucial to their purchasing decisions, leading local producers to seek out ever-more reliable, versatile, higher quality solutions with European technology,” said Iacopo Bianconcini, Marketing Manager of SACMI's Closures and Containers Division.

Revealing the company’s secret to success, he said: “Sacmi compression technology for cap manufacturing sets the global standard: over the last 15 years it has won over markets thanks to advantages in terms of quality, performance and energy savings. Through our range of CCM (continuous compression moulding) compression presses, this technological solution offers the lowest cycle times in the industry, with productivity as high as 2,000 caps per minute with just 48 moulds.”

In addition to increased productivity, energy savings and reliability, other advantages of Sacmi’s compression technology include operating at lower temperatures, thus reducing on-material stress and extending the working life of both machine and plant. “Compared to alternative solutions such as injection, this technology has the capacity to manufacture lighter, better-performing caps; moreover, their weight and other parameters can be modified easily via the operator interface,” he added.

Iacopo Bianconcini, Marketing Manager of SACMI's Closures and Containers Division.Sacmi CCM machines also let manufacturers cover the entire cap range on the market because they can manufacture caps of different designs using the same mould and provide an enormous variety of designs. Another advantage is the capacity to provide integrated cap-preform design services that combine weight and cost reduction with innovative solutions.

For example, one of the Sacmi range flagships is an innovative slitting machine series, specifically designed to manage every aspect of cap finishing, even where caps are manufactured using non-CCM presses.

Complete quality control

Sacmi is a leading designer of quality control systems and, alongside the compression presses, completes the range with the CHS (closures handling system), the platform for total in-line high-speed cap inspection. The latest CHS version released on the market can perform comprehensive cap inspection thanks to perfect 2D reconstruction of the 3D perimeter.

This advanced solution uses the advanced algorithms already successfully implemented on labelled container, preform and decorated metal cap inspection systems. Both machine and inspection system can be controlled remotely using the advanced Sacmi line supervisor which allows real-time monitoring of plant performance and management of production orders by interfacing directly with the customer's ERP.

Innovation does not stop here. Several years ago, when environment and energy were only just beginning to be seen as key industrial manufacturing cost variables, Sacmi launched the H.E.R.O. (High Efficiency Resource Optimizer) project, an ambitious programme aimed at reducing energy consumption while boosting product quality.

Expansion to container manufacturing

For years, Sacmi has been investing and conducting research into providing the best, most efficient technology on the market not just in the cap field. With CBF (compression blow forming), the company has also taken the flight to container manufacturing by developing an innovative single-stage process that brings all the pluses of compression to this field by combining the advantages of alternative technologies. “Sectors such as dairy and pharmaceuticals have shown keen interest and have installed Sacmi technology all over the world,” he remarked.

A major new challenge that concerns the packaging world, he noticed, is the implementation of Industry 4.0 monitoring and control systems. “Sacmi is ready to meet this challenge with its vast experience and ability to design shared platforms - H.E.R.E (Human Expertise for Reactive Engineering) - constituting the perfect 'launch pad' for across-the-board application of this new logic,” he said.

Booth: 2B61

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