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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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The arrangement of micro-manifolds under the main manifold.
The arrangement of micro-manifolds under the main manifold.
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EWIKON, one of the leading suppliers of hot runner systems and components, shows a full range of advanced solutions for multi-tip gating and valve gating with focus on compact multi-cavity applications.

The EWIKON HPS III-MH product range of advanced side gating solutions has been expanded with the HPS III-MHR111 nozzle. This new nozzle type is specifically designed for the efficient production of long tube shaped parts such as syringes or pipettes in the medical industry.

The nozzle features a round body which has been reduced in diameter by 15% compared to the standard version. At the same time extended tip inserts are used.

Thus, the space available between the nozzle body and the part contour is considerably increased and can be used by the mold maker to integrate an optimized cooling surrounding the cavity as well as an effective mold venting. Both parameters allow a particularly efficient production due to reduced cycle time and improved filling.

The HPS III-MHR111 nozzle comes in three versions for simultaneous gating of 2, 4 or 8 parts. In addition to the standard tip insert where the tip points in a 90 angle to the demolding direction, a tip insert with 60 angle is available. It allows the gating point to be positioned closer to the parting line of the mold.

Like all nozzle types within the HPS III-MH nozzle range, the HPS III-MHR111 nozzle features the patented tip exchange technology for a unique ease of maintenance. The tip inserts are easily exchangeable on the machine from the parting line with no need to dismantle the mold.

Meanwhile, an efficient large scale production of polyolefine parts in molds with an extremely high number of cavities is possible by using the standardized micro-manifold technology. Target branches are the packaging and medical industry where the technology is already successfully used in molds with up to 192 cavities.

The balanced micro-manifolds feature four screwed-in heat conductive tip inserts each with a melt seal directly at the gate. A fully balanced flow channel layout is then achieved by placing a main manifold on a second level.

EWIKON offers complete hot halves with micro-manifold technology, including 16, 32, 64, 96, 128 and 192 drop versions with standardized dimensions.

For process-reliable valve gating, EWIKON has a variety of drive versions for easy adaption of the valve gate system to specific application requirements. The range includes hydraulic and pneumatic drive units for single nozzles as well as synchronous plate solutions for precise joint valve pin actuation.

Another drive option is the cleanroom compatible electric drive unit with latest generation step motor technology and further improved comfortable touch screen control. The system allows valve pin positioning with highest precision as well as the individual setting of process parameters.

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