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injection mold 
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All-Electric Injection Molding Machine (HE-300)
All-Electric Injection Molding Machine (HE-300)
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Injections with multi-cavity mold are widely used in industry. They cannot increase the efficiency but also decrease the cost of product. These are advantages. However, the filling processes in cavities are always not equilibrium, generating the short injection, bending, shrinking phenomenon. These problems affect product quality and development process of product.

Plastic melts flowing in the cavities of multiple-cavity molds are usually not uniform because of molds manufacture, molds assembly or plastic characteristic. Besides that, because of oil compression in hydraulic injection molding machine, oil pipe arrangement and the leakage of hydraulic pressure elements, these affect the accuracy of products. To solve the above problems, and the trend of Industry 4.0 has been unstoppable, an all-electric injection molding machine with an Intelligent flow balance module is a perfect solution of the high value production.


  1. Controller via EtherCAT and Modbus communication interface would increase the integration and production efficiency.
  2. High injection speed and precision measurements can be executed simultaneously with the movements of mold opening, ejection, material feeding. It is a good perfect solution for producing parts of shorter cycle time.

Online intelligent auto-balancing control technology:

  1. Adopting intelligent flow balance control system, the melt differences in cavities would be compensated automatically, which increases the consistency.
  2. Monitoring and controlling the operation parameters, unmanned product management.
  3. Recording of the cavity quality signal characteristics can be used for quality certification in specific industry.
  4. External module/ machine build-in module, flexible with all injection molding machine.

Design and Aesthetics:

  1. This unit’s cover and body style was designed to improve its protective capabilities and ensure the operator’s safety. In addition, its streamline appearance adds beauty to its aesthetic fashion.
  2. Based on Taiwan’s HSR (High Speed Rail) concept design, with company logo’s color (FCS). That means fast response and fashion appearance.
  3. New appearance design has considered not only aesthetic but also ergonomics and operation safety to improve its protective capabilities and ensure the operator’s safety.

Industry 4.0 will become a big issue in the next generation. The developing of all-electric machine and Intelligent flow balance module can make injection molding machine save more energy and smarter. According to the Custom’s opinion, high quality and low costing is the most important topic. With the all-electric charging unit and all-electric injection unit, an all-electric machine can make the position and speed controllable. With an Intelligent flow balance module that can improve the phenomenon of unbalanced flow. Consequently, an all-electric injection machine with an Intelligent flow balance module is a perfect solution of the high value production.

In this case, the Intelligent flow balance module is developing in two ways. One can be embedded in the controller that all the data can be shown on the screen of the injection molding machine. The system can also be plug-in type, that making a connection with hot-runner, multi-cavity mold and machine. In this way, this system can be easily used without modifying the injection molding machine. Both of the systems can improve the balancing of multi-cavity, that make intelligent productive can be achieved.

The product in this case make good performance and energy saving, it can be used for preform, 3C parts, vehicle’s parts, and etc. These industries can be found in China, India, Brazil, Russia, Taiwan Province, and etc.

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