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ExxonMobil recently announced greenhouse gas reduction measures, including a 15% decrease in methane emissions and a 25% reduction in flaring.
ExxonMobil recently announced greenhouse gas reduction measures, including a 15% decrease in methane emissions and a 25% reduction in flaring.

ExxonMobil recently announced greenhouse gas reduction measures that are expected to lead to significant improvements in emissions performance by 2020, including a 15% decrease in methane emissions and a 25% reduction in flaring. The company also announced its intention to improve its industry-leading energy efficiency in refining and chemical manufacturing facilities.

The company invests in lower-emission energy solutions such as cogeneration, flare reduction, energy efficiency, biofuels, carbon capture and storage and other technologies. More than US$9 billion on lower-emission energy solutions has spent since 2000.

“We have a longstanding commitment to improve efficiency and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions,” said Darren W. Woods, chairman and chief executive officer. “The announcement builds on that commitment and will help further drive improvements in our business.”

The international oil and gas company is undertaking a number of initiatives to significantly reduce methane emissions. XTO Energy’s leak-detection-and-repair efforts and operational improvements at US production and midstream sites have reduced estimated methane emissions across its operations by 2% in the past year. Combined with additional measures outside the U.S. focused on the most significant sources of methane, the company expects to achieve a 15% reduction of methane emissions by 2020 compared with 2016.

Efforts associated with oil and gas production and processing are expected to lower natural gas flaring across its operations by about 25% by 2020 compared with 2016. The most significant reductions are expected to occur in operations in West Africa and include use of third-party infrastructure.

As a charter member of the Global Gas Flaring Reduction Public-Private Partnership, ExxonMobil is committed to developing commercial opportunities to reduce flaring. The partnership is comprised of oil-producing countries, international and state-owned oil companies and the World Bank.

Further greenhouse-gas emissions reduction efforts will target the company’s global refining and chemicals manufacturing network with the goal of improving existing industry-leading energy efficiency performance.

The company has achieved a 10% improvement in energy efficiency across its global refining operations following an effort launched in 2000. In every Solomon Refining Industry Survey over the past decade, ExxonMobil refining operations ranked in the first quartile for energy efficiency. Advanced efficiency technologies and techniques have helped the company’s chemical business reduce its net greenhouse gas emissions intensity by nearly 7% since 2013.

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