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Peter Dal Bo, Group CCO at Piovan.
Peter Dal Bo, Group CCO at Piovan.

Piovan, the leading Italian manufacturer of axiliary equipment for plastic materials processing, sells its machines very well in China, and received enormous feedbacks in the CHINAPLAS held in Shanghai this year.

Peter Dal Bo, Group CCO at Piovan commented that CHINAPLAS has been more international. “The show is very good this year, provided that it is being held in a new venue. Apart from China, we are surprised to see a lot of buyers from other countries, especially from Southeast Asia, for example from India.”

According to him, the Chinese market is quite positive this year. For Piovan, the growth engine is investments from customers who seek new machines for new projects as well as renewing their production force. Machines from the company are designed to optimize the material handling process and increase the output of the production lines.

“The need for material handling optimization is quite strong in the market. Customers need to increase their output, and material handling optimization has strong impact. Customers may not need to add additional line, but just upgrade their material handling equipment,” he explained. As said, Piovan’s machines are capable to increase 10% of the output of the existing production lines by improving the downtime, etc.
At CHINAPLAS 2018, Piovan highlighted its capability in Industry 4.0.
In addition, the well adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions in the Chinese market is helping the business of Piovan. “We are surprise that the Chinese market is accepting this (Industry 4.0) very well. Our solutions are integrated with Chinese customers’ existing lines, helping them to manage the factories as smart factories. According to our experience, the Chinese market accepts this even more than the US market. It is very surprised to us.

Peter Dal Bo remarked that the Chinese customers are changing to adopt high technologies, and they invest more to produce high quality products. “They (Chinese customers) are also thinking about energy consumption. They remains very productive, the difference is that they are now more concern about how to produce. This is the biggest driver of the growth in the Chinese market,” he continued.

Piovan focused on promoting its smart manufacturing and material handling optimization solutions at the show. Highlight exhibits include the Easytherm temperature controllers and part of a processing line to demonstrate the optimized material handing process.
The new line of temperature controllers, Easytherm.
The new line of temperature controllers, Easytherm, is designed to be used in the smart factories. It is set up for use in environments with open standards, such as the integrated OPC-UA server. And thus it can interact with the control panels of machines manufactured by different suppliers by incorporating the OPC-UA platform.

In addition, Easytherm can be used with Winfactory 4.0, the Piovan supervision software that allows communication between different machines within the plant.

As a versatile machine that guarantees reliability, accuracy and an intelligent management of consumption, the Easytherm mold temperature control unit is made with high-end components, and coupled with new interior and exterior layout and redesigned ergonomic control.

In China, Piovan is investing in human resources and reinforcing the team at the moment as the company already have had strong production footprint in the market.

In other markets, Paiovan is opening a new plant in the US to increase its production, which is scheduled to have grant opening in October this year. The company is also expanding its production headquarters in Italy.

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