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The 4-in-1 Expo will concurrently take place on 4-6 March 2019 in Guangzhou.
The 4-in-1 Expo will concurrently take place on 4-6 March 2019 in Guangzhou.

Highly acclaimed for many years as a pioneer leading the market trends and fulfilling industry needs, the 26th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry and the China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology 2019 (Printing South China / Sino-Label) will be scaled up again in 2019.

Together with Sino-Pack and PACKINNO, the 4-in-1 Expo will concurrently take place on 4-6 March 2019 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou.

Exhibits covering the entire value chain of printing, labelling, packaging, materials and packaging products will be showcased in ten halls spreading across a total area of 100,000 sqm, making the Expo a not-to-be-missed event in the industry.

Foreseeing the higher requirements of environment protection and product customization, the fairs will display more diverse materials, including specialty paper, packaging materials and green label materials, in addition to top machinery and equipment.

Diverse printing solutions and new materials zone meeting market needs

Diverse printing solutions and new materials will be presented at the Expo.With 26 years of experience, Printing South China strives to fulfill various printing and packaging demands and to lead innovative trends in the industries.

Catering for the market needs of functional, customized and green printing, Printing South China 2019 will introduce the new “Specialty Paper & Packaging Materials Zone”, where buyers can source paper and box packaging suitable for their businesses.

In the “Green Flexo Printing Zone”, visitors will be able to discover environment-friendly materials, as well as sustainable, efficient and high-quality flexo printing and applications.

Amid the uptrend of courier service and e-commerce, the well-received “Corrugated Zone” will be further expanded in 2019 with more cutting-edge corrugated production technologies on display.

In addition, the “Smart Post-press and Packaging Processing Zone” will be set up again to showcase leading post-press automation and smart technologies, providing visitors with advanced printing solutions.

A rich variety of packaging printing facilities will be exhibited in the four zones, including pre-press system, CTP technology, post-press finishing equipment, digital printing equipment and offset/flexo/gravure/screen printing.

Renowned exhibitors, including Guowang, Jinbao, HP, Zhongke, Keqiang, YOCO, Wenhung, Guangming, Shanghai Dragon (DLG), Ruida, Xinwei, Zhengrun, CRON, RISO, Fangbang, Dayuan, Shanhe (in no particular order) will be present and bring solutions to help printing and packaging enterprises achieve new development.

Digital, green, smart labelling technologies and materials under spotlight

As a trendsetting fair in the industry, Sino-Label always keeps pace with the development of digital, green and intelligent trends closely and provides stakeholders with remarkable label printing solutions.

In 2019, Sino-Label is further devoted to four highlighted areas of Green Label Materials, Green Flexo Technology, Digital Label Brands and RFID Smart Label by leveraging its edges. Hot items such as green adhesive materials, digital label printing, automation technology of post-press label, RFID/NFC, AR (Augmented Reality) technology, functional labels, etc, will be explored.

Corporations with post-press label technologies and green materials, such as Brotech, Tujiate, Avery Dennison, Zhongshan Fuzhou, LECCO and Soontomax will join the exhibition and showcase cutting-edge technologies to provide energy-saving, consumption-saving and environment-friendly solutions.

Industry leaders in flexography such as Omet, United Printing, Zhongte, Taiyo Kikai and Weigang will participate and help end-product brand owners of food, beverage, daily chemicals, alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and electronics industries to achieve green, safe, custom and smart packaging.

HP and Konica Minolta, digital printing pioneers who launched their new products and obtained wide attention in Sino-Label 2018, will be invited again this year with other digital label leaders like Founder and Trojanjet to show the world their innovations on the spot.

Overwhelming response after a promising result in 2018

The exhibition area of Printing South China and Sino-Label 2018 has increased by over 20% compared with that of 2017. A higher number of local and overseas visitors has been recorded as well. Among 76,228 visitors, 10,516 international buyers were from over 100 countries and regions.

Big names were attracted to the fairs, including printing and packaging enterprises like YUTO, Hucais, Donnelley, ZRP, Jinjia, Lukka, MYS, Hengyuan, MEIKEI, CCL and CymMetrik, also renowned end-product corporations in various sectors of food, beverage, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics and logistics, including P&G, Unilever, Kraft, L'Oreal, Huawei, Haier, HGPF, Jing Dong, SF Express and Lee Kum Kee.

The excellent result in 2018 has reflected the synergy, competitiveness and international influence of the 4-in-1 Expo.

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